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April 12, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 7


TOP STORY: With 6.1, PDF Capability Is "Pretty Darn Fast"!

FEATURED ARTICLE: BI and the IBM i: Finding Your Own Way

NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Announces Smart Analytics and Transactional Systems

WHITE PAPER: Business Intelligence on the IBM i: Finding Your Way

FORUM: Help! Electronic Service Agent Messages

BLOGS: Carol Woodbury's blog: I don't get it...

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Feature Article - Application Software
With 6.1, PDF Capability Is "Pretty Darn Fast"!

Amid as much highly publicized fanfare as a Tax Accountant of the Year convention, IBM quietly slips us the ability to natively generate PDF files on i.

steven_pitcherWritten by Steven C. Pitcher

You don't need a third-party tool, custom coding, or even InfoPrint Server. It's as simple as loading a few licensed programs and then adjusting a couple of parameters on pre-existing IBM print commands.


Feature Article - Application Software
BI and the IBM i: Finding Your Own Way

With all the BI solutions in the marketplace, finding the right one for your company can be very challenging.

bill_langstonWritten by Bill Langston

Editor's Note: This article introduces the Webcast "Migrating from IBM Query/400?" and the white paper "Business Intelligence on the IBM i: Finding Your Way" available free from the MC Press Webcast Center and the MC Press White Paper Center, respectively.


Analytics and business intelligence (BI) are center stage in IBM's software and consulting strategy. Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive of the IBM Software Group, recently said IBM views the broad analytics marketplace as a multi-billion-dollar business opportunity, and he has positioned IBM on the analytics fast track with a stream of announcements and acquisitions in recent years. Ironically, considering the topic, the frequency and variety of IBM's announcements have created a serious case of information overload for many customers who don't have time to follow these moves and analyze what they might mean to their business.


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