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April 5, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 6


TOP STORY: Presto 2 Improves Screen Rendering and Design Flexibility
ADVERTORIAL: Case Study: Positioning for Growth with Barcode400
FEATURED NEWS: MC Systems Insight Is Nominated for Maggie Award
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Original Software Releases TestBench for System i V7
FORUM: Help! Electronic Service Agent System Messages
BUYER'S GUIDE: Presto 2 & Barcode 400
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Feature Article - Analysis
Presto 2 Improves Screen Rendering and Design Flexibility

BCD's latest release of its Web-enabling solution takes modernization to new heights.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

I guess it's a guy thing, but we just love tools. It doesn't matter whether it's a cool new circular saw or a great computer development tool—it's a tool, we can get a lot accomplished with it, and that's what counts. Guys are expected to get a lot accomplished in little time. It means we're powerful, more potent. Well, a cool tool just got better, and you'll love how much you can get accomplished with it.


Advertorial - T.L. Ashford
Case Study: Positioning for Growth with Barcode400

ILPEA Industries chooses T.L. Ashford's Barcode400 for its strategic advantage.

tom_stockwellWritten by Thomas M. Stockwell

In 2001, Holm Industries, based in Scottsburg, Indiana, had become the largest manufacturer of refrigeration gaskets in North America. Over the previous 10 years, the company had consolidated its market share through a series of facility acquisitions in Minnesota, Alabama, and Mexico.


Featured News
MC Systems Insight Is Nominated for Maggie Award

MC Systems Insight has been named a finalist in the annual Maggie Award competition for an article it published last April discussing IBM's layoff policies. Nominated for "Best Web or Digital Edition Article/Trade," the article will compete against ones from four other trade publications in various fields. The winner will be announced next month at the annual Maggie Awards banquet in Los Angeles.


MC Showcase Buyer's Guide

Featured Products

New Presto 2 is the fastest way to modernize your IBM i legacy programs, OS screens and third party green screen software. Presto web enables all your IBM i programs in one minute. It is a non-intrusive solution that lets you modernize without making any RPG, COBOL or DDS code changes.

Presto screens run in a browser with no other PC software, no ActiveX and no WebSphere needed.  You select one of the modern skins included with Presto for an instant professional look.

Your existing staff can use the new Visual Screen Editor to enhance your screens without getting into the HTML; drag and drop fields, insert pop up calendars, add drop down lists, images and more.

You also have full access to the HTML code to add any Web 2.0 features and technologies; jQuery Web Services, Graphs and more.   Presto increases end user satisfaction and reduces training costs by providing more intuitive user interfaces that are more appealing and easier to navigate. You can choose between base or unlimited user pricing and competitive upgrades are available.

Learn more about Business Computer Design Int'l, Inc. and its products here.


T.L. Ashford's award winning BARCODE400 software is the labeling answer for the iSeries. With this versatile and easy to use software you will be designing and printing labels in minutes. Compliance labeling is a snap using templates provide by TL Ashford.

Learn more about T.L. Ashford & Associates and its Barcode and RFID solutions here.


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