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August 18, 2014 | Volume 9 Issue 15


TOP STORY: In the Wheelhouse: IBM, We Have an SSL Problem
FEATURED ARTICLE: Technology Focus: Content Management Isn't Just About What's in Your Docs Anymore
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: ESSL V5.3 Offers Additional Subroutines and Supports New IBM Power Systems Built with POWER8
MC INDUSTY BLOGS: 3 Trends Changing Expectations Inside IBM i
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Step by Step Approach to Implementing Object Level Security
EVENT: Five Top Problems Solved By Automated Report Delivery


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Feature Article - Analysis
In the Wheelhouse: IBM, We Have an SSL Problem

In the spirit of last week's article regarding IBM's on-premises intentions for IBM Mail Next, we need to simplify and fix Domino SSL. It's going to break.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

A few months ago, I renewed my wildcard SSL certificates from and began the process of updating both types of HTTP servers in my shop: IBM HTTP Server and IBM Domino. I usually do Domino first and then IBM HTTP Server, the latter of which is a bit of a struggle. I'll get to that.


Updating Domino is always a journey as it involves importing a new certificate into the Domino keystore and then updating the existing proprietary *.kyr key file in my primary Domino server's data directory.


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Feature Article - Application Software
Technology Focus: Content Management Isn't Just About What's in Your Docs Anymore

But for most IBM i users, the emphasis on document content is hard to escape if you're looking at apps that run directly on the i.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Content management as a product type across IT in general is conceptually divisible into two main categories: document content management and Web content management. When it comes to focusing on that product type more specifically in the IBM i market, though, content management takes on a more sharply document-centric tone.


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MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Step by Step Approach to Implementing Object Level Security

In this Webinar:  More organizations are realizing the need for implementing object level security -- especially for database files that contain information which must comply with various laws or regulations. But the question many administrators have is, how do you secure files without breaking the application or other processes? During this presentation, security expert Carol Woodbury will discuss how. Configuration options, testing steps, "gotchas" to avoid, along with real-life examples will be presented.