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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 12:34

Manta announces the availability of the next course in its series on the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i.


The AJS Web-Based Interface teaches the hands-on skills needed to set up and manage the job scheduler using the web-based IBM Systems Director Navigator for i. This is IBM's strategic product for IBM i system management. Because the screens are similar, students can also take this course to learn how to use the older System i Navigator product to perform many of the same tasks. You should be aware, however, that newer features of the Advanced Job Scheduler are available only through the Navigator for i interface.


The course begins by showing you where the Advanced Job Scheduling functions are located and how to use them to schedule a job for repeated execution. You will learn how to identify the commands making up the job, provide parameter information, specify job attributes, define a schedule, identify dependencies, provide notifications to users, initialize the job's local data area, and specify recovery procedures to be used in the case of job failure. Subsequent sessions of the course cover the creation of supporting items including calendars, job queue monitors, report distribution lists, and escalation lists.


As you progress from session to session, the discussion moves from scheduling an individual job to the creation of job groups and applications. The final session of the course covers those tasks related to the set-up and management of the job scheduler as a whole. Tasks include starting and stopping the scheduler, defining global defaults, and controlling the permissions of users to perform job scheduling tasks.


Customer who have an existing license to the IBM i Training Library, the System Administration Combination Pack, or the System Administration and Operations Super Combo Pack will discover that The AJS Web-Based Interface has already been added to their menu options.  


As with all Manta courses, a one-year, single-user license for The AJS Web-Based Interface is available for $120. Customers who opt for the entire three-course series will receive a two-year license for the price of one year ($324). Each course will appear in the student’s menu as it becomes available.


You can check out the new series by visiting, where you can see detailed course descriptions and preview any of Manta’s 120 courses and Competency Exams.


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