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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 17:40

Dutch software change management vendor and the new business partner for Italian and Swiss ALM markets.

Remain Software who supports companies with Software Change and Workflow Management solutions on IBM i (AS/400) platform expands the global Partner Network and appoints a new Business Partner – TC3 Informatica sagl. The new Value Added Reseller will distribute Remains’ products (TD/OMS and Gravity) on Swiss and Italian markets. Next to Globus Labs it’s another value added reseller who will strengthen Remain Software distribution channel this year­­. The partnership begins as of September 2013.

TC3 Informatica, a Swiss-based company founded and represented by Giuseppe Tintori who has many years’ experience in Software Change Management on IBM i platform, will become a member of Remain Software Partner Network to promote and distribute Remain Software Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products in Italy and Switzerland. Customers from these countries who decide to make an investment in TD/OMS and Gravity can benefit from availability of local services such as technical support and consultancy, solutions’ implementation and trainings.

Wim Jongman, Managing Director at Remain Software: “We are very happy about the new Partnership with TC3 Informatica. Giuseppe and I had a week of intensive TD/OMS training and he could understand the product straight away. I was impressed with how much he knew about Software Change Management on IBM i and how easily he could adapt to our solution. This ensures us that our customers will receive a great support. We find it as one of the greatest advantages of TC3 Informatica - also because it’s perfectly in-line with values that Remain Software believes in – delivering highest quality and customer satisfaction.”

Giuseppe Tintori, founder of TC3 Informatica: “I think that our cooperation has solid bases to succeed in Italy and Switzerland. First of all, Remain Software is a dynamic and flexible company and offers very good products. Both companies have also something extremely important in common – more than 20 years of experience in delivering Software Change Management products which makes us understand companies’ needs better, know exactly why do they need SCM tooling, how to manage it and what are the peculiarities that it must have to be robust and to bring the real value and significant benefits to customers’ enterprises.

The world of Software Change Management applications is complex and still unknown to a lot of companies. Many of them have difficulties with finding the right tools that would solve problems they face in everyday work and in the same time meet requirements of their complex environments. The synergy of TC3 Informatica and Remain Software can help such Swiss and Italian companies to enter the world of SCM applications and find out that TD/OMS can be the right tool for their purposes and the software lifecycle can be no more a nightmare for them!”

Marco Kok, Managing Director at Remain Software: "We have been looking for some time to find the right Business Partner for the Italian market. We believe TC3 Informatica is a perfect match!”


About TC3 Informatica

Since 1988 the founder of TC3 Informatica, Giuseppe Tintori has been helping customers in managing, controlling and developing applications on their AS/400. TC3 Informatica’s expertise goes from System Planning and Installation, to Monitoring and High Availability, with a special care on Software Development Lifecycle, which is the key for maintaining the Core Applications of every company, updated, reliable and working up to 100%. To achieve this, TC3 Informatica uses their experience and the best applications offered by AS/400 market. The company helps customers in selecting, installing and configuring these tools.

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Remain Software
About the Author:

Remain Software, established in 1992, is an independent software vendor delivering innovative solutions for the support of the entire Application Lifecycle Management, from requirements through design, development up to deployment and testing.

TD/OMS is an in-house developed flexible and cost effective Software Change Management solution supporting IBM i (AS/400, Power Systems), Windows and Unix/Linux.

The basics of TD/OMS incorporate fundamental IT business processes such as Incident Management, Configuration Management, Version Management, Release Management, Life Cycle Management and Software Distribution & Deployment. The IT organization is supported in streamlining the change process of any type of application, no matter the complexity of the environment. TD/OMS gives complete control over the software life cycle process. It provides a real time overview of software components and configuration. Compliancy and auditing requirements can be easily met due to the registration of all component movements.


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