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DRV Technologies, Inc. Featured

PO Box 3429, Duluth, GA, USA, 30096
DRV Technologies, Inc.

DRV Technologies develops FlexTools, a family of middleware software solutions that modernize IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400 output, reliably converting and distributing report & forms to the people that need them, in the formats they want, in real time. 



The FlexTools software line includes:

  • SpoolFlex to Convert spooled files to PC-friendly formats including PDF and Excel, delivering instantly to where they are needed.
  • FormFlex to replace expensive pre-printed forms with easy to manage laser forms. Add automated e-mailing to slash delivery costs and archiving for on-demand access.
  • MessageFlex monitors message queues to notify you of system events before issues become problems. Pro-active system management with 24/7 automation.
  • DBXFlex report writer / query tool lets you extract reports directly to Excel and PDF
  • ReportFlex Spooled File Re-Formatting

Incorporate FlexTools API’s in your own custom programs, or use our menu driven job scheduler and output queue monitor to automate report and forms processing without programming.


DRV FlexTools are flat priced to maximize fast ROI, often paying for themselves in weeks.


DRV offers several options to learn more about FlexTools:


Request a live online demo to provide you with a closer look and discuss how FlexTools can help meet your business and operational requirements.

Download the free trial software to fully appreciate how FlexTools will perform in your environment, with your real life needs providing proof of concept without obligation.


DRV Technologies invites you to take a look and see what FlexTools can do for your organization to reduce paper usage, streamline workflow, and improve the way you distribute reports and documents today.

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