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Maxava Featured

Level 1, Building G29 William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, 0632
64-9-415-7008 / USA 888-400-1541

The philosophy at Maxava is that the protection of data is critical to all IBM i users, whether they are a small organization, or a large, international enterprise.


Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative high availability and disaster recovery software solutions for IBM i systems.  Maxava is fully dedicated to IBM i and is an IBM Premier Business Partner.


Customers have been using Maxava HA software (formerly known as *noMAX) for over a decade to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements.  Maxava’s enterprise-strength software ensures business resilience for a cross section of the world’s most demanding IBM i environments through SaaS, cloud, subscription and traditional licensed software models.  Businesses around the world have relied upon Maxava to ensure their systems are up and running despite devastating circumstances.


The Maxava product line includes Maxava HA™ Enterprise, Maxava HA™ SMB and Maxava HA™ Data Stream,.  The Maxava HA Suite provides the real time replication and enterprise strength disaster recovery that many organizations urgently require for compliance purposes and to protect their critical corporate data.


Maxava also offers maxView – a smart and easy way to monitor your systems – anywhere, anytime. maxView Lite is a FREE version which can be used by anyone with an IBM i, even if you don’t have a Maxava HA product.  maxView Monitor is complimentary with Maxava HA Enterprise, allowing you to easily check and report on HA readiness and key IBM i system resources.


To assess how Maxava HA can assist you with your HA/DR requirements, take advantatge of our no-obligation demonstration, and a 30 day free trial that will allow you to evaluate the features and functions of Maxava HA within your environment.


Maxava is privately held and has staff and customers located worldwide. Visit for more information.

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