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Online Backup & Recovery Service Featured

Online Backup & Recovery Service

Storagepipe’s Online Backup and Recovery Service is a complete data protection solution that operates over a secure connection to a remote data centre. Storagepipe offers connection via the Internet or direct connections for added quality of service (QOS).

Storagepipe’s remote backup service provides an offsite corporate data protection solution that is secure, reliable and cost effective. The service supports a wide spectrum of businesses from small businesses with single file servers all the way up to complex multiplatform and multi-application environments.

Customers can rely on our proven cloud backup technology and experience and know that they can easily backup and restore their data anytime, anywhere and from any point in time.


Progressive Incremental Backup with Adaptive Sub-file DifferencingBacks up only files that have changed or that are new, Adaptive Differencing transmits only the changed data from within specific file data blocks. Eliminate unnecessary data transfers that rob your network and CPUs of vital power and productivity .
“HOT” Backup and Recovery for Databases, Exchange, Notes, and other Enterprise ApplicationsApplication agents provide the management for hot backup and recovery of databases and enterprise application. Agents enable protection of mission critical 24-hour operational systems that cannot be shut down.
Integrated ArchivingExtend your data storage and protection capabilities while reducing costs of more expensive active online storage.
Continuous Data ProtectionContinuously back up crucial corporate data on file servers and transiently connected machines to minimize the backup/recovery window and maximize the granularity of recoverable data.
Bare Metal RestoreRestores the operating system, applications and data of Windows, Sun, Linux and AIX machines.
Disaster Recovery ManagerCreates a disaster recovery plan and facilitates the tracking of off-site data. The plan contains detailed recovery steps and automated scripts.
Dynamic Multi-Threaded TransfersImproves backup and restore rates by transparently optimizing the number of server sessions
EncryptionSupport for encryption of files that will be backed up or archived before being transmitted for offsite storage
Backup Sets (rapid restores or instant archives)Consolidates files onto a set of media that is portable and directly readable to meet regulatory requirements.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support Provides secure, encrypted conversations between Web browsers and Web
Open File BackupAllows for the back up of files that are open
Web-based GUI Web based interface to the backup and archive client.

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