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mcp_logo.jpgCorporate Office
MC Press Online, LLC
3695 W Quail Heights Court
Boise Idaho 83703-3861

Toll Free: 855.627.6552
Phone: 208.629.7275 (Ext. 500)
Fax: 208.639.1231





David Uptmor
Phone: 208.629.7275 (Ext. 501)


E-mail: Publisher




Executive Editor
Victoria Mack
Phone: 208.629.7275 (Ext. 507)


E-mail: Executive Editor





Advertising Sales Director
Kara Keating-Stuart
Phone: 208.629.7275 (Ext. 504)


E-mail: Advertising Sales Director





Book Editor
Katie Tipton
Phone: 208.629.7275 (Ext. 505)


E-mail: Book Editor




Webmaster - For inquires regarding web site and electronic publication subscriptions at

Your questions and comments can be emailed to Webmaster.


Customer Service - For inquires regarding book orders from the MC Store at
Toll Free: 208-629-7275 Ext. 500
Fax: 208-639-1231
E-mail: Customer Service

Mail: MC Press Bookstore Orders
3695 W Quail Heights Court

Boise, Idaho 83703

All address corrections should be emailed or faxed to Customer Service.


Wholesale - For information about Wholesale, Internet, and Bookstore Retailer or Distributor orders at

Independent Publishers Group
Paul Murphy
Vice President, Academic and Professional Markets
814 N. Franklin St.
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Phone: 312.337.0747
Email: Paul Murphy


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