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December 10, 2007 | Vol 2 Issue 22


In This Issue:

>> MC Press Online Celebrates Launch of Redesigned, Feature-Rich Web Site
>> Forget Technology: Solve Your Business Problems First
>> System Security: Much More Than Technology
>> Three Ways to Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Feature Article - Welcome to the Future
MC Press Online Celebrates Launch of Redesigned, Feature-Rich Web Site

MC Press Online is pleased to announce the launch of its completely new Web site designed to help System i professionals be more productive on the job and get more out of their career. Rest assured that the site still contains all of the content and features that you've come to expect, but it now also offers several powerful enhancements you're sure to find extremely useful:


Feature Article - Application Software
Forget Technology: Solve Your Business Problems First

Follow these seven critical steps for successful technology implementations.

When considering a technology solution for your business, something as simple as patience can make all the difference in ensuring a successful implementation. In the rush to solve legitimate business issues, many companies needlessly struggle through technology deployments because key steps in the planning process were hurried, broad-brushed, or missed.


In fact, solving business issues is less about the technology and more about clearly understanding the problem, the impact a change makes across the organization, and the way any implementation will interact with current systems. If you're ready to solve a specific business issue with a technology solution, the best advice is to allow adequate time to follow proven business design development steps, the majority of which happen well before seeking out a specific software or hardware solution.


Feature Article - Security
System Security: Much More Than Technology
If you think the solution to information security management lies in technology alone, you're very much mistaken.

The proper management of security starts way before and goes way beyond technical decisions. Technical decisions are extremely important for proper information security management, but they are neither the starting point nor the most important decisions related to effective information security management.


Yet most organizations treat information security as a purely technical issue. This, in my opinion, is why we keep seeing major incidents at large and familiar organizations (e.g., TJX). Not until high-level management understands that security is primarily a business issue and begins to assert its proper role in the security process will the state of affairs in information security begin to change. Only when this happens will it be possible to ensure the appropriate execution of the other roles. The objective of this article is to support this assertion and to describe the security business process needed to make meaningful improvements in the management of information security in the entire industry.


Advertorial - Vision Solutions, Inc.
Three Ways to Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Planning White Papers, Podcasts & Webinars

Learn how to take your DR planning to the next level with these highly informative white papers, podcasts and on-demand webcasts, all conveniently listed in Vision Solutions' disaster recovery planning resource center. Click on any resource below and receive it on demand.



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