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December 15, 2014 | Volume 9 Issue 22


TOP STORY: In the Wheelhouse: The Real POWER of COMMON
FEATURED ARTICLE: Technology Focus: Getting the Most from Your IBM i with Performance Monitoring and Tuning Aids
ADVERTORIAL: Product Review: Adding a Responsive Interface to Your RPG Programs with ASNA Wings
WHITE PAPER: How to Build a Requirements Roadmap for Proactive IBM i System Monitoring
EVENT: Getting Ready to Build a Mobile App?
EVENT: Securing Data in VMware with Encryption & Key Management
MC VIDEO PORTAL: The 12 Sections of PCI DSS and How each Relates to the IBM i Community

Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

The Book Every Leader Should Read

Do you aspire to become a leader, want to improve your leadership skills, or simply enjoy good stories? Then this book is for you. Leadership in My Rearview Mirror shares the leadership insights of a man who rose from reluctant draftee to decorated Army colonel, helped build the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and now works to develop IBM's most senior leaders. Using concise and highly entertaining anecdotal chapters, Jack Beach reveals what it takes to be a superior leader, demonstrating that the primary task of leaders, especially those in senior positions, is to create an organizational climate characterized by 360 degrees of trust and deep engagement. Buy your copy today.


Feature Article - Analysis
In the Wheelhouse: The Real POWER of COMMON

The value of a user group is usually gauged by the collaboration within it's members. Let me tell you why COMMON does one better.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

The first weekend of each December is when this brave columnist and his fellow Common Americas Advisory Council (CAAC) members brave the cold and travel to Rochester, Minnesota, to meet with IBM for two days of meetings where we represent the collective community of the COMMON Americas User Group. While I can't discuss in specific detail what we talk about, I will tell you that there is a tremendous amount of collaboration between the CAAC and IBM. This benefits independent software vendors (ISVs), IBM Business Partners, and most certainly Power Systems customers. The CAAC has a counterpart organization affiliated with COMMON Europe that gives IBM a perspective from the European Power Systems community as well.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Become a CL Master. Whether you are a novice programmer who needs to get up to speed on the ins and outs of CL or an experienced professional looking for a daily CL reference, this comprehensive book is the guide you need. Available in both hard copy and eBook formats. Click now for a free chapter or to learn more. >>


Feature Article - System Administration
Technology Focus: Getting the Most from Your IBM i with Performance Monitoring and Tuning Aids

What's the biggest cause of performance problems on IBM i servers? Not even three of the major performance-tool vendors completely agree on the answers.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Despite its reputation for security and reliability, even the IBM i server platform isn't perfect. As workloads increase and the demand for 24x7 access grows, sooner or later every enterprise reaches a point where system performance seems to start declining. But when it comes to pinning down the reasons, there's no easy answer because there are so many potential causes.


Advertorial - ASNA
Product Review: Adding a Responsive Interface to Your RPG Programs with ASNA Wings

The quality of your applications' user experience counts.

roger penceWritten by Roger Pence

User interfaces based on HTML and hosted in browsers have become quite nearly ubiquitous over the last several years. Thanks to IBM's Open Access API, IBM i RPG applications are able to access an HTML-driven user interface very effectively. ASNA Wings, for example, builds a browser-based user interface derived from existing display file DDS specifications.


MC White Paper Center

Don't miss these great Featured White Papers:

DR Strategy Guide from Maxava

Download your free copy of our DR Strategy Guide for IBM i before it’s too late.
Learn more about the evolution of disaster recovery, how disasters of various types can impact business and the strategies you can employ to minimize the risk of impact to your business by downloading our latest e-book today.
Your free copy of the DR Strategy Guide for IBM i will help uncover the secrets to ensuring your IBM i and your business is able to weather any storm – be it caused by human interruption or natural disaster.

  • How to best implement a disaster recovery strategy
  • The importance of testing your Disaster Recovery Plan and keeping it up to date
  • How to perform scheduled back-ups without bringing down your business
  • The benefits of the Cloud and how it can work for you
  • What to look for in a Disaster Recovery Provider

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10 Facts You Need To Know About Laser Check Printing On Your IBM i

This whitepaper is a must read for anyone that is considering moving to Laser Check printing or anyone that has considered moving to laser check printing in the past and thought it was too expensive or too much trouble. Included in this white paper:

  • A supply List What to look for in laser check software
  • 6 Steps to Getting Bank Approval of your checks
  • 10 myths about laser check printing, find out if they are fact or fiction

Laser check printing is secure and easier to maintain than traditional pre-printed check printing. With a few quick steps, set-up is simple. You do not need to purchase any special equipment and it is very easy to maintain. Laser check printing can save thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplies and labor, depending on the size of your company. Let this Free whitepaper by DRV Tech answer your questions about laser check printing on the IBM i.

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PCI and What it means to IBM i

While one may think that PCI is a thing of the past and that it’s already been implemented, major breaches (most notably of the Target PoS systems) have brought it back into focus. Some retailers are just now understanding how PCI applies to them and other organizations have started to accept credit cards when they didn’t in the past. To refresh everyone’s memory, here’s an overview of what PCI means to the IBM i community and what organizations that use an IBM i to store, process or access cardholder data need to be aware of.

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Virus Got You Down?

Does a virus have your server down? Perhaps it’s the latest worm, Trojan horse, buffer overflow or denial of service attack that’s got you or one of your servers down. While one of these bugs may be affecting one or more of your servers in your enterprise, it is highly unlikely that the server affected is a Power server running IBM i. IBM i may be running your core business applications or it may be hosting your web site or running Domino. Whatever its function within your enterprise IBM i has remained unaffected by virus and malware attacks. Why is that? Viruses and other ailments spread by infecting a host that is vulnerable. Let’s take a look at how IBM i and the applications running on it can remain unscathed by the viruses and malware that are so prevalent today. In this white paper, Carol Woodbury of SkyView Partners defines each “ailment” and then describe the defenses and protection mechanisms provided by IBM i to ward off the attack.

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How to Build a Requirements Roadmap for Proactive IBM i System Monitoring

Implementing proactive system monitoring in your IBM i environment begins with planning. The effectiveness of automated monitoring solutions should be evaluated based on the degree of visibility they can offer to potential problems, the time they save, and the flexibility they offer in meeting the specific views and requirements of your existing and developing network.
Your proactive monitoring solution should be able to anticipate repeat issues based on your system demands, applications, throughput, and configuration, as well as provide fast access to information that will pinpoint the cause of unforeseen issues and those that are otherwise difficult to isolate.
For system administrators and managers who are looking for a practical guide to help maximize a new or existing proactive approach to system and message monitoring.
Download this white paper to learn:

  • Information on must-have monitors
  • Shortcuts to greater efficiency
  • Checklists of requirements for a customized roadmap

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MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

The 12 Sections of PCI DSS and How each Relates to the IBM i Community


In this session, Carol Woodbury draws on her experience consulting with SkyView Partners' clients and helping them with their PCI DSS implementation and compliance requirements. Carol explains each of the 12 sections of the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and describes specifically how each relates to the IBM i community.