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December 18, 2013 | Volume 12 Issue 24


TOP STORY: What Everyone Should Know: Where to Start
FEATURED ARTICLE: The API Corner: Determining Whether Jobs Are Currently Active
ADVERTORIAL: Using ASNA Mobile RPG to Create a Mobile App
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: RPG & DB2 Summit Goes to Dallas in March 2014
BUYER'S GUIDE: DBXFlex Report Writer / Query Tool 
EVENT: Prepare your RPG code for the new generation: Convert legacy RPGLE to RPG Free, automatically

Sponsor - T.L. Ashford & Associates

Barcode400 Labeling Software makes it easy for IBM i users to design and print labels in minutes.

T.L. Ashford has over 30 years of experience in software development and backs that commitment with a highly qualified technical support team.

You can count on T.L. Ashford for your bar code, compliance and RFID labeling needs. Watch our video to see what Barcode400 Software can do for you. Call 800-541-4893 or use the Live Chat feature at


Feature Article - Programming
What Everyone Should Know: Where to Start


There's so much to learn today, and the "to learn" pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger while our time to learn it seems to shrink. So what's a body to do?


david shireyWritten by David Shirey


Do you ever feel depressed? Professionally that is? Like there is so much to learn and there is no way you're going to be able to squeeze it into your already overloaded day? Yeah, me too, and I am easily depressed to begin with, so it wreaks havoc with my id.




But I can't escape it. The days of being able to secure your job just by knowing RPG are over…as are the days of being able to use RPG III for a decade and a half, sort of frozen in time like one of those big woolly elephants. In today's world, you need to be constantly educating yourself, constantly growingor else just lucky enough to be in a spot where old technology is king. So, are you feeling lucky?


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Now Available in eBook Format: IBM System i APIs at Work, Second Edition: In this latest edition of the best-selling API reference, acclaimed expert Bruce Vining completely rewrites the book on APIs. With over 700 information-packed pages this is the ultimate API guide and a must-have for any professional working with System i (AS/400, i5/iSeries). Get your copy today!


Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: Determining Whether Jobs Are Currently Active

Build your own API using the List Jobs System API.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining


I was recently asked by Mark H. if there's an easy way to determine whether a given job, using only a simple job name such as DAYEND rather than a qualified job name such as 123456/ABC/DAYEND, was currently active on the system. From my point of view, it's easy enough to call some system APIs to determine this, but he would prefer for application developers to just make a simple call to a function that, at a minimum, returns a yes or no type of response with no additional fuss. So today we'll be looking at how to package our use of system APIs within a *SRVPGM exported function that meets this requirement. In other words, we'll build our own API, over the system APIs, that will return an indicator value of *on if the specified job is active, otherwise *off to indicate the job is not currently active.


Advertorial - ASNA
Using ASNA Mobile RPG to Create a Mobile App


ASNA Mobile RPG puts mobile programming capabilities easily in the hands of RPG programmers using nothing but RPG!


roger penceWritten by Roger Pence


ASNA Mobile RPG is a product that empowers RPG programmers to create great mobile apps for smartphones and tablets using only RPG. There's no need for JavaScript, HTML, Objective C, Java, PHP, or any of the other languages typically used for mobile development. One of the hallmarks of great mobile applications is that they are able to exploit the capabilities of mobile devices. Mobile users expect features such as text messaging, telephone integration, image support (both display and upload), and geo-location capabilities to be intrinsically available.


SCBG Featured Product

DBXFlex125x75DBXFlex report writer / query tool extracts data from IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 database files creating custom reports directly to Excel and PDF.  



  • Extract data from one or multiple IBM i data files to create custom reports
  • Output directly to Excel, PDF, CSV and print files
  • Perform record and field selection
  • Add calculations, color, sort, justification, date format etc.
  • Runs on any IBM System running IBM OS V5R1 or higher

Standalone module can pre-process spooled files for use by other IBM i software applications.

DBXFlex provides flexibility over legacy reporting allowing users to create reports by accessing the data they want, and outputting to formats they need, delivered by email and archived to network servers. . For a closer look, schedule an online demonstration, or request a free trial


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