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December 3, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 20


TOP STORY: In the Wheelhouse: An IBM i Success Story That Needed to Be Told
FEATURED NEWS: CNX Announces Release of Valence Framework 3.2
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Opens Advanced Analytics Center in Columbus, Ohio
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Free unlimited trial of the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i
EVENT: Reface IBM i Green Screens or Rewrite Them with PHP - Which Should You Choose?
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Featured Article - Analysis
In the Wheelhouse: An IBM i Success Story That Needed to Be Told

This week, I feel compelled to dissect a great IBM i customer success story. Plus, I'll fill you in about a new smartphone app for managing your IBM i.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

Steve Will, the Chief Architect for IBM i, has a great blog called You and i. Last week, Steve told a great story about a company in Japan called Nishii Paint Industry Co. Ltd. that had 20-year-old Visual Basic applications that needed to be rewritten and an NEC PC server running sales and warehouse systems that needed replacement. One of the major requirements was that the next solution they had wouldn't have to be, among other things, recompiled when hardware or operating systems got updated. They investigated numerous big-name vendors before settling on a cloud-based IBM Power Systems 720 running IBM i and a solution built with a backbone of rock-solid RPG and a PHP front-end.


Featured News
CNX Announces Release of Valence Framework 3.2

CNX announced today the general availability of version 3.2 of the Valence Framework for IBM i. Valence Framework 3.2 features a complete reengineering of the desktop and mobile portals, and includes an exclusive new app for addressing common IBM i administrative tasks from a smartphone or tablet.


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