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December 5, 2007  |  Volume 6, Issue 22


In This Issue:
RPG's Persistent User Spaces
>> TechTip: Create Hash Tables in RPG with the Dictionary ADT
>> RPG and DB2 Will Sizzle at the Summit in Orlando

Feature Article - Programming
RPG's Persistent User Spaces

Stop worrying about minimizing the overhead of a program. Sometimes it's better to keep a lot of information in memory.

At the recent RPG & DB2 Summit conference, a few of us were chatting about the way our programming styles had changed over the years and what (apart from experience and learning the hard way) had influenced those changes. A lot of the usual suspects—such as mixed case, longer field names, and free format—were discussed. But, for me, one of the items that caused a major shift in the way I program was user spaces.


Feature Article - Programming
TechTip: Create Hash Tables in RPG with the Dictionary ADT

Ever been jealous of your Perl programming colleagues with their built-in hash tables? Learn how to make your own using RPG!

By Adam Glauser


What is an ADT? ADT is short for abstract data type. The NIST defines ADTs as "set[s] of data values and associated operations that are precisely specified independent of any particular implementation." A good way to see what this means is through an example. The stack ADT is perhaps the most well-known and straightforward. A stack is a collection of data items that can be visualized as being arranged in a pile. All ADTs provide creation and deletion operations. Other operations defined for stacks are...


Advertorial - System i Developer
RPG and DB2 Will Sizzle at the Summit in Orlando

V6R1, RPG IV, ILE, SQL, DB2, WDSC, and RPG on the Web…What more could you want?


Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and Paul Tuohy have a love affair with RPG, and I (Skip Marchesani) get my kicks out of SQL. RPG is the unsung hero of the IT world, and when you pair it with SQL and other System i technologies, you have all the power you need to make your applications absolutely sizzle.


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