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December 8, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 22


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Programming
Welcome to the New RDi-SOA

With the release of Version 7.5 of RDi-SOA, IBM provides the first real vision of the future of IBM i development.

joe_pluta.jpgBy Joe Pluta

With Something Old

and Something New

They Borrowed the Best

And Turned It Blue


I realize "first real vision of the future" may ring hollow in some of the more jaded ears in our community, what with all the Strategic Directions and Development Roadmaps over the years, but RDi-SOA Version 7.5 is truly unique in the annals of IBM i development. In fact, along with the 5250 and the integrated database, RDi-SOA may be another first in business application programming in general: in this case, the first tool that provides end-to-end support for developing every possible type of application architecture, from green-screen to full thick client.


Feature Article - Application Software
Visionary Clustering Capabilities

When investigating clustering technology, embrace the Vision.

tom_stockwell.jpgBy Thomas M. Stockwell

Last month, Vision Solutions announced the integration of its Vision Cluster1 solution with IBM's Systems Director Navigator.


Cluster1 is Vision Solutions' unique cluster management solution for System i, but many customers are still a bit confused about the differences between the use of clusters on the System i and the traditional use of clusters in the UNIX or Linux environment. 


Thomas M. Stockwell, on behalf of MC Press Online, conducted an interview with Craig Johnson, Vice President for Research and Development at Vision Solutions, investigating how the Vision Cluster1 solution addresses these concerns.


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