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February 18, 2009 | Vol 8 Issue 4


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Programming
Calling a PC Application from RPG, Part II

Now that you know how to find the IP address you need, learn how to call a remote application.

tom_snyder.jpgBy Tom Snyder

Integrating your IBM i with Windows allows you to provide complete and comprehensive solutions to your users. But there always seems to be a point where the user has to manually switch from the IBM i environment over to the Windows world, which may seem overly burdensome to the user. To assist with the transition from the green-screen to a Windows application, you can have the RPG program call the PC application, which makes the switch less involved for the user.


Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: One Approach to System Automation

Learn how to use watch support to automate system operations.

bruce_vining.jpgBy Bruce Vining

Over the last several months, I've received many notes from readers, including these:





  • I have some custom routines that need to run when a Daylight Saving Time change goes into effect. How can I have these programs run automatically?
  • There is one user profile that the system operator is always re-enabling.... Is there a way to automate this?
  • We have a program that periodically reads QHST files to see what files need to be reorganized...maintain record sequence...based on CPF4653.... Is there a way to avoid scanning QHST?


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