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 rafael victoria preira

About the Author - Sunil Soares is the founder and managing partner of Information Asset, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in data governance. Prior to this role, Sunil was director of information governance at IBM, where he worked with clients across six continents and multiple industries. Before joining IBM, Sunil consulted with major financial institutions at the Financial Services Strategy Consulting Practice of Booz Allen & Hamilton in New York. Sunil lives in New Jersey and holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Sunil has been a regular contributor to MC Press Online since 2009: 

Date Title
02-09-15 The Chief Data Officer Agenda
07-08-13 Extracting Meaning from Unstructured Text to Enrich Master Data
11-12-12 An Introduction to Big Data Governance
11-28-11 Selling Information Governance to the Business


This is Sunil’s fifth book about data governance. His first book, The IBM Data Governance Unified Process, details the almost 100 steps to implement a data governance program. This book has been used by several organizations as the blueprint for their data governance programs and has been translated into Chinese. Sunil's second book, Selling Information Governance to the Business, reviews the best practices to approach information governance by industry and function. Sunil's third book, IBM InfoSphere: A Platform for Big Data Governance and Process Data Governance, focuses on IBM's InfoSphere product. Sunil's fourth book, Big Data Governance, addresses the specific issues associated with the governance of big data.


Other Titles by Sunil Soares...

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Data Governance: Step by Step

This book describes a unified process targeted at Data Governance practitioners. It provides a rigorous explanation of the 14 steps and almost 100 sub-steps to implement Data Governance based on IBM products, services, and best practices over hundreds of client engagements.

On Sale for $11.95 Save 52%