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February 4, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 3


In This Issue:

>> IBM Unveils i5/OS V6R1: A First Look
>> Enhancements to V6R1 Include Better Availability, Security, Performance, and Search

Feature Article - Operating Systems
IBM Unveils i5/OS V6R1: A First Look

With its wealth of new features, i5/OS V6R1 will help the System i maintain its key role in many data centers.

By Lee Kroon

Last Tuesday, IBM took the wraps off a much-anticipated new version of the i5/OS operating system. In its announcement, Big Blue did more than just trot out new features and functions for System i users. It also indicated that the System i will participate in a cross-brand initiative to woo small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) away from competitive server vendors. That initiative will pair up i5/OS with new products that could change how the IT community perceives the operating system.


Feature Article - Operating Systems
Enhancements to V6R1 Include Better Availability, Security, Performance, and Search

There's something for everyone in the new release, whether you're a developer or a user who just runs the occasional report.

By Chris Smith

Last week's announcement of upgrades to i5/OS in V6R1 will have users, developers, and IBM salespeople smiling for months.


The improvements to all aspects of the operating system, which of course includes middleware and database, were extensive. While my MC Press Online colleagues will explain changes in virtualization and development tools in their articles in this and  subsequent issues as well as in our other publications, I will focus on an overview of the high availability and database enhancements.


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