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February 7, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Power i Forecast: Wireless
FEATURED ARTICLE: Technology Focus: SOA Tools for IBM i: Quaffing the Bubbly
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Innovative ASNA Wings Is Now Shipping
FORUM: Allowing Internet Access over LAN
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Feature Article - Networking
Power i Forecast: Wireless

How will the proliferation of wireless devices impact enterprise network infrastructures?

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

With the large number of mobile devices, including smart phones and wireless tablet computers, about to hit the market this spring and the move toward accessing enterprise applications from mobile devices accelerating, we wondered how IT departments were planning to handle the inevitable requests from users to access the corporate network. Many of the companies we contacted were not prepared to answer the questions below. However, we found two IBM Business Partners, Key Information Systems of Woodland Hills, California, and East Coast Computer, of Pompano Beach, Florida, that knew exactly what we were talking about and were willing to go on the record with their opinions. Their comments are printed below. We would like to thank Will Rodgers, Network Practice Manager, Key Information Systems, and Zane Gramenidis, President, East Coast Computer, Inc. for the time they took responding to our questions.


Feature Article - Programming
Technology Focus: SOA Tools for IBM i: Quaffing the Bubbly

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an elegant and helpful solution for larger enterprises that need frequent online interaction with business partners. For smaller enterprises, it's still largely a luxury.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

SOA continues to be touted as something like an approaching Golden Age. Just over the horizon is this wonderful world where all software will consist of modular components, callable across the Internet to be reassembled into applications that will be concurrently multipurpose and custom-built.


MC Tech Focus Downloads

 Revolutionizing System i Application Modernization

LANSA's Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) is a single integrated solution that addresses both your immediate and strategic modernization requirements.

What's unique about RAMP is it's a "reengineering" product that lets you rapidly consolidate your applications into a graphic application framework and then incrementally replace your legacy programs with new reengineered components — in a timeframe that makes sense to your organization.




 SOA What? Why SOA is Critical for iSeries RPG Shops

Do you think SOA is irrelevant because you have legacy applications and your developers’ skills are primarily RPG or COBOL?

Many iSeries technology managers assume that SOA concepts and benefits are primarily for Java architects or relevant only when designing entirely new applications.

ADVANCED BusinessLink’s white paper “SOA What? Why SOA is crucial for iSeries RPG Shops” discusses why SOA is so important for traditional iSeries shops and how SOA can be a life-changing event for your team.


 Keeping your System i Applications Relevant in a Service-Oriented World

In this paper, we explain the basic concepts and terminology behind Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) without entrenching the reader with details of SOA and Web services academia and implementation specifics.

Rather, our goal is to provide coaching on how an IT professional managing a dynamic, legacy-rich infrastructure can sensibly take steps towards this architecture and the potential benefits that can be achieved, without risking the organization’s stable business applications environment and operations.



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