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February 9, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 3


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Database
Strategies for Successful Data Warehousing Projects

Data warehousing can add significant value by facilitating enhanced business intelligence, but success isn't automatic. This article explores critical data-warehousing success factors.

henry_martinez.jpgBy Henry Martinez

Operational databases are predominantly optimized for transaction processing. They are usually highly normalized and are very efficient at reading and writing a few related records at a time. However, they are typically not optimally architected to serve the needs of executives and business analysts who perform query, reporting, and analysis against vast swaths of data. When these people use operational databases to complete these tasks, the database must often perform large, complex table joins. The necessary disk I/O and processing can bring systems to their knees.


Feature Article - Security
IBM i Security: Protecting IBM i Data with Encryption

Stringent regulations and demanding customers have increased the importance of data privacy. Cryptography plays a significant role in protecting data confidentiality.

By John Concini

Note: This article was derived from an IBM Redbooks publication, IBM System i Security: Protecting i5/OS Data with Encryption, written by a team that included the author of this article as well as Beth Hagemeister, Milan Kalabis, Robin Tatam, and Yessong Johng. The following is a management overview of some of the issues discussed in the publication, which should be consulted for a more detailed and technical discussion.


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