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Below are descriptions of our regular publications. Please read through them as you will need to either subscribe or unsubscribe to each one as a part of your Registration process to the left:

>> MC Systems Insight
Today’s technology is moving faster than ever. To keep ahead of the curve, you need to know what technologies are gaining speed, which companies are leading the pack, and what obstacles lie in their way. MC Systems Insight goes behind the headlines with news summaries, technology overviews, and analyses of current and future developments. Features include Technology Focus, a complete wrap-up of today’s leading solutions by sector, and Power i Forecast, a comprehensive review of the latest trends on the IBM Power Systems platform.

>> MC Power Technology Manager
Technology executives are under a mandate today to implement new solutions that will help foster organizational growth and drive future competitive advantage. Though trimming costs is important, it no longer is the primary objective; implementing solutions that drive business growth is now key. MC Power Technology Manager provides a forum for top industry leaders to share information on what is working for them and what pitfalls await those who stray down the wrong path. It is where leaders from IBM and other companies discuss with MC Press editors what Big Blue is doing and where it is leading its customers in the future.

>> MC RPG Developer
While computing languages come and go, RPG is the underlying language for thousands of applications running tens of thousands of businesses on IBM Power Systems across the U.S. and around the world. Keeping these applications running and providing widening access to the data they serve takes talent and advanced knowledge of the RPG language. MC RPG Developer is devoted to the worldwide team of both experienced and emerging programmers who rely on RPG to get outstanding results quickly from a language that continues to be improved by IBM in order to leverage current technology breakthroughs. MC RPG Developer offers the latest coverage in RPG application development for both programmers and IT managers and addresses modern practices for exploiting the latest updates to this venerable language.

>> MC Power Developer
Maintaining working systems, Web-enabling applications, and implementing new solutions to keep pace with advances in technology present constant challenges for even the most experienced developers. MC Power Developer provides a rich resource for Power Systems programmers to expand their knowledge of current programming technologies and languages while improving their skills and productivity.

>> MC TNT Tips ‘n Techniques
Technology is constantly changing, and developers need to continue learning and growing in order to keep pace. Spend just a few minutes each week with MC TNT Tips ‘n Techniques with its wide variety of short articles to boost your skills--from APIs to Web and everything in between. The publication is filled with the latest solutions for addressing common and not-so-common programming challenges on IBM Power Systems. Get hands-on advice on how to accomplish your programming goals easier, cleaner, and with less effort. Learn about the latest solutions, just-released tools, and free software trials to help you overcome your most daunting technology challenges.

>> MC AIX Expert
AIX is one of the most reliable operating systems ever developed, and it also is one of the fastest. The first OS to use journaling, AIX has been enhanced with virtualization, dynamic hardware resource allocation, and reliability engineering from the mainframe. Companies who rely on AIX are often crunching large volumes of data and need their applications and databases to perform at top speed. MC AIX Expert gives programmers and IT managers the latest information and tips from the experts on how to get the most out of their AIX applications running on Power Systems. Learn about new solutions and OS feature updates from IBM that will help keep your system performing at the top of its game.

>> MC Linux Expert
The Linux operating system is perhaps one of the most successful collective undertakings ever achieved by humankind. Currently comprised of more than 14 million lines of code, the Linux kernel is the basis of Google Android and Chrome operating systems, runs the majority of the world’s servers and largest websites, is the underlying OS at Amazon and Facebook, and was the choice for IBM’s supercomputer, Watson. Linux is pervasive within embedded systems and relied upon by enterprise servers worldwide. Developers everywhere have now seen the writing on the wall and most want to be a part of the Linux open source movement. MC Linux Expert will keep you informed on the latest updates and trends to this amazing project and explore best practices for deploying IBM Linux on Power and Linux x86 within the enterprise.

>> MC Mobile on Power
The world has voted, and the winner is mobility. Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone, and more significantly the iPad, the vision of porting applications and data to a mobile device has been a driving force on the IT landscape. For enterprise developers, the challenge has been taking legacy applications and large data stores and serving them up to users across a wide variety of mobile devices. MC Mobile on Power is designed to keep you current on the latest tools, programming and application development techniques, security approaches, and networking issues to stay ahead of this growing trend in technology.

>> MC Showcase Buyer’s Guide
Provides you with information about products and services from the industry’s leading vendors. It's all about the things designed to make your job easier.

>> This Week @ the MC Press Bookstore
Offers subscriber-only discounts and special notices from the MC Press Store, as well as the latest news about MC Press products and services.