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Monday, 06 October 2014 12:40



IBM i 7.2 Technology Refresh 1 includes the following features and benefits:


    • IBM i Integrated Web Services Server (IWS) delivers support for REST-based web services, widely used by the industry.


    • IBM Web Administration GUI for i streamlines configuration and management options and adds support for REST-based web services.


    • Enhancements to the IBM HTTP Server enable HTTP server jobs to run in a customized subsystem, isolating impact of HTTP workload from other work on the system.


    • 5770DG1 now includes the open source node.js server side JavaScript runtime engine.


    • IBM Navigator for i includes new performance and usability enhancements, using the latest in web technology to improve the user experience.


    • IBM DB2 for i continues to focus on new and advanced SQL capabilities, productivity benefits for database engineers, and the ability to security enhance business-critical data in a production environment.


    • IBM i supports the latest improvements to the following IBM Software Group products, helping you to realize the business benefits delivered by each product:


      • Rational® Developer for i V9.1.1 simplifies the setup and management of development teams.


      • IBM Connections V5.0 CR1 helps you collaborate with customers and business partners using enterprise social software on IBM i.


      • IBM MQ for Multiplatforms, V8.0 (MQ V8) adds new Advanced Message Security options for IBM I as well as new packaging and delivery options for File Transfer.


    • Enhancements to Backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) include additional automation and ease of use.


    • Support is added for new Enterprise Power Systems built with POWER8 architecture and processors.


    • Additional I/O options include a new PCI expansion drawer.


    • Minimum 35 GB load source is now available for external storage and virtual disk configurations.


    • Support is added for the new IBM TS1150 tape drive machine type 3592 Models E08 and EH8.


    • Enhancements to RPG IV ALIAS include support for files and relaxed rules for data structures for I/O operations.



These announcements are documented in the iZone of IBM developerWorks.


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