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02-04-15RPG Academy: BIF Up Your Code! Start Moving MOVE and MOVEL out of Your CodeRafael Victoria-Pereira2150
01-23-15What Happened to the "RPG Academy" Column?Victoria Mack935
01-07-15RPG Academy: BIF Up Your Code! Get Rid of Those File-Related IndicatorsRafael Victoria-Pereira2227
12-15-14Product Review: Adding a Responsive Interface to Your RPG Programs with ASNA WingsRoger Pence367
12-10-14Modifying a Subfile: Change Is Good, Part 2Kevin Vandever1944
12-03-14Practical RPG: Data Structure I/O Is Finally Practical!Joe Pluta1909
12-03-14Book Review: Flexible Input, Dazzling Output with IBM iDavid Shirey2115
11-21-14Book Review: Subfiles in Free-Format RPG Mike Faust7708
11-05-14RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 3Rafael Victoria-Pereira1890
10-24-14RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira1705
10-03-14RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira2256
10-01-14Programs Tell the Truth: Retrieve the System Pointer to the PCS Object Associated with an MI ProcessJunlei Li2197
09-03-14Practical RPG: Building Monitors with EOFDLYJoe Pluta1648
09-03-14The Transfer Ownership (XFRO) MI InstructionJunlei Li453
08-20-14Import CSV Files with File CorrectingRafael Victoria-Pereira2506
08-08-14RPG Academy: Parameters: What You Should Know, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira3180
08-06-14Practical RPG: Using Data Queues, Part TwoJoe Pluta1997
08-06-14The Atomic Add (ATMCADD) MI InstructionJunlei Li601
07-02-14Practical RPG: Using Data Queues, Part 1Joe Pluta2740
07-02-14The Modify Addressability (MODADR) MI InstructionJunlei Li620
06-27-14RPG Academy: Using Your Own FunctionsRafael Victoria-Pereira1681
06-11-14Modifying a Subfile: Change Is Good, Part 1Kevin Vandever2221
06-04-14Practical ILE: Building Your Service Program Library, Part 3Joe Pluta1862
06-04-14How Do I Know if Two Space Pointers Do Not Address the Same SLS Segment in ILE HLL Programs?Junlei Li1514
05-30-14RPG Academy: Building Your Own FunctionsRafael Victoria-Pereira2729
05-07-14Practical ILE: Building Your Service Program Library, Part 2Joe Pluta2426
05-07-14The Rename (RENAME) MI InstructionJunlei Li1133
04-16-14More Free-Form for RPG, Part 3David Shirey3137
04-02-14Practical ILE: Building Your Service Program Library, Part 1Joe Pluta3374
04-02-14What's New with RPG Open Access and the Open Standard (OAMOS)?Pascal Polverini3316
03-19-14More Free-Form for RPG, Part 2David Shirey3836
03-05-14Practical RPG: Data in the Cloud, Part 2Joe Pluta1868
02-28-14RPG Academy: Binding It All TogetherRafael Victoria-Pereira2668
02-19-14More Free-Form for RPGDavid Shirey6703
02-07-14RPG Academy: Modules, Programs, and Service ProgramsRafael Victoria-Pereira3942
02-05-14Practical RPG: More BIFsJoe Pluta3182
02-05-14Discover the Suspend Object (SUSOBJ) MI InstructionJunlei Li1097
01-31-14Book Review: Advanced Integrated RPGJoe Pluta6820
01-15-14The Future of RPGJoe Pluta3580
01-15-14Simon's Solutions: Talk with REXX ProgramsJunlei Li1276
12-13-13Book Review: Functions in Free-Format RPG IVJoe Pluta8384
12-04-13Practical RPG: Data in the Cloud, Part 1Joe Pluta2124
12-04-13Investigate the Undocumented _LSPCO System Built-inJunlei Li941
11-06-13Practical RPG: Technology Refresh 7 First LookJoe Pluta2763
11-06-13Manage Automatic Storage Dynamically via Modify Automatic Storage Allocation (MODASA) Junlei Li974
10-02-13Practical RPG: BIFs and ExpressionsJoe Pluta3530
10-02-13A More Complete View of the Machine Interface of IBM iJunlei Li1771
09-04-13Genuine Dynamic Program-Exported External Data in IBM iJunlei Li1374
08-21-13What You Should Know About the Format of Records Saved to a Save File, Part 2Juan Macias1421
08-07-13The Perils of Activation Groups Gone AwryJoe Pluta2998
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