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02-27-15The CL Corner: A More Flexible Interface to the RUNSQL CL CommandBruce Vining47
01-30-15The CL Corner: Enhancing WRKQRY Reports the Easy WayBruce Vining784
09-17-14The CL Corner: True and False ConditionsBruce Vining1003
06-27-14The CL Corner: Still More Tools for the CL Developer Bruce Vining1618
05-23-14The CL Corner: More Tools for the CL Developer Bruce Vining2315
03-05-14Can an ILE CL Program Know the Number of Parameters Passed to It?Junlei Li1841
03-01-13The CL Corner: More Character-String Enhancements for CLBruce Vining2839
01-25-13The CL Corner: How Would You Like That Character String Trimmed? Bruce Vining3068
11-07-12Practical CL: The 32-Character SolutionJoe Pluta3398
10-26-12The CL Corner: A CL Command to Scan for a String of Characters Bruce Vining3544
10-05-12The CL Corner: A CL Command to Scan for Characters Bruce Vining3394
08-31-12The CL Corner: A CL-Based Implementation of RPG Built-in %Check Bruce Vining3441
07-27-12The CL Corner: Using Multiple Files with the RUNSQL CL CommandBruce Vining3632
06-29-12The CL Corner: Run-Time Selection Using the RUNSQL CL CommandBruce Vining3465
06-15-12Cool Things: Retrieving Program InformationMike Faust4079
05-25-12The CL Corner: More on the RUNSQL CL CommandBruce Vining7359
04-27-12The CL Corner: Using the SQL Select Statement with RUNSQLBruce Vining8386
03-30-12The CL Corner: Introducing the New Run SQL CommandBruce Vining19277
02-24-12The CL Corner: New Support for CL Commands Lets You Know When a Command EndsBruce Vining7158
02-08-12Harnessing the Power of Control Language Programming for IBM iJames Buck2458
01-27-12The CL Corner: Letting the User Know What's Right and WrongBruce Vining3647
01-04-12Practical CL: Extracting a BitJoe Pluta2583
10-07-11The CL Corner: Getting Additional IFS File InformationBruce Vining3644
08-26-11The CL Corner: Dependency and Validity-Checking of Command ParametersBruce Vining4130
07-29-11The CL Corner: Clearing, Rather than Deleting, an IFS FileBruce Vining4493
06-24-11The CL Corner: Using Command Parameter Lists, Elements, and Conditional PromptingBruce Vining4828
05-27-11The CL Corner: Isn't Recursion Great?Bruce Vining3667
04-29-11The CL Corner: What IFS Files Have Not Been Used for Three or More Days?Bruce Vining4253
03-25-11The CL Corner: When Was an IFS File Last Used or Changed?Bruce Vining5051
03-09-11Are You Keeping Up With CL?Bruce Vining8658
02-25-11The CL Corner: Trying to Get a Handle on Your IFS?Bruce Vining8450
01-28-11The CL Corner: Still Copying Code Within a CL Program?Bruce Vining7171
11-19-10The CL Corner: Reduce Those Annoying Substring OperationsBruce Vining5165
10-29-10The CL Corner: Getting Your Commands Out to the WorldBruce Vining3649
09-24-10The CL Corner: Need Some Help with That Command? Part IIBruce Vining3349
08-27-10The CL Corner: Need Some Help with That Command?Bruce Vining4258
07-30-10The CL Corner: Providing Help Text for a User CommandBruce Vining4457
06-25-10The CL Corner: Trim Multiple Leading Characters with TRMLFTCHR Bruce Vining4087
05-28-10The CL Corner: Cut, Snip, Trim with TRMLFTCHRBruce Vining5167
04-30-10The CL Corner: Going Where No Substring (%SST) Operation Can GoBruce Vining6684
04-15-10V7R1 CL: Something for EveryoneBruce Vining11203
03-26-10The CL Corner: Support Variable-Length Parameters with Commands Bruce Vining5977
02-26-10The CL Corner: Create Reusable CodeBruce Vining7317
01-29-10The CL Corner: Still Programming Like You Did with V1? Bruce Vining8778
12-09-09What You Can (and Cannot) Do with CL VariablesTed Holt9592
12-04-09The CL Corner: What's New with Files?Bruce Vining9604
10-30-09The CL Corner: Retrieving Test Case InformationBruce Vining4424
09-25-09The CL Corner: Controlling the CL Testing EnvironmentBruce Vining4830
09-25-09CL for Files (CLF) Solves Age-Old Problem of Poor CL Database SupportChris Smith5739
08-28-09The CL Corner: A Much More Flexible SNDESCAPE ProgramBruce Vining4862
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