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02-18-15What Change Control IsDavid Shirey675
01-21-15Debunking Those Change-Control MythsDavid Shirey1004
10-27-14The Frustrating Challenges of Application EnhancementDavid Shirey867
11-11-13Application Lifecycle Management: Some Definitions (and Misconceptions)Olenka Van Schendel1652
11-12-07Best Practices: Taking an Incremental Approach to SOAArchie Roboostoff5232
11-12-07BPI and SOA Working TogetherDominique Thomas4805
09-12-07Moving to Structured Software Change ManagementRay Bernardi4809
01-10-07Open-Source Technologies for Change Management SystemsMike Faust13187
04-26-06Strategies for Change ManagementDaniel Magid4682
01-25-06Programmers Should Love Change Management Software... Seriously!Marty Acks7676
09-19-05Software Test Automation Improves Development OutputGuest.Visitor3875
09-12-05Change Management: The Key to Successful ProjectsDermot O'Doherty5784
05-01-00It Is Best to Embrace ChangeSteve McGuire2700
04-01-00A Better Way to Distribute Your AS/400 Software ChangesShannon O'Donnell3312
04-01-00Logical Files: More than Alternate Sort SequencesTed Holt4278
06-01-96Reusing Object CodeTed Holt2618
11-01-95Tools from the TrenchesTed Holt2564
09-01-95Common Sense NormalizationTed Holt2745
02-01-95Finding Programs that Use a Specific FileMC Press Contributing Author2372
11-01-94Object Reference UtilityGuest.Visitor3980
09-01-94Object Oriented Programming ConceptsGuest.Visitor3162
06-01-94Field Reference FileMC Press Contributing Author3129
05-01-94Current LibraryMC Press Contributing Author2392
05-01-94Identifying ChangesMC Press Contributing Author2241
10-01-92In the Trenches: Something for the RoadJoe Hertvik2282
09-01-92List Source Maintenance ActivityMC Press Contributing Author2719
10-01-91Relational Database Design -- Part 3MC Press Contributing Author2211
09-01-91Diagrams: An Inside LookJohn Gaughan4175
09-01-91Relational Database Design -- Part 2MC Press Contributing Author2437
08-01-91Relational Database Design -- Part 1MC Press Contributing Author2403
02-01-91Developing and Installing International SystemsMC Press Contributing Author2497
01-01-90AS/400 Source LibrarianMC Press Contributing Author4251
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