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01-24-14Book Review: Managing Without WallsMichael Floyd4313
01-23-14Women in IT: The Past, the Present, and the FutureCarole Chandler772
08-26-13Negotiating Time and Cost: How to Determine the Scope of a Development ProjectColleen Garton1819
06-14-13Book Review: Fundamentals of Technology Project ManagementBill Rice921
11-26-12The Business Analytics ProgramTracy Harris1585
08-06-12In the Wheelhouse: Preventative Maintenance for the Fall Blues; Educate Yourself!Steve Pitcher2100
08-03-12OCEAN 2012 Technical Conference Wows Attendees with 30 Sessions Chris Smith2395
06-18-12Technology Focus: Educational Services for IBM i ProfessionalsJohn Ghrist2367
03-12-12Values: It's All in the FeetJack Beach2277
12-09-11IBM i Growth Up, Escape the Family with New Redbook on IBM i 7.1Chris Smith2483
10-24-11What Do You Need to Know to Turn an Idea for an Article or Book into a Published Work?Roger Sanders2447
09-14-11What Do You Need to Know to Become DB2 9.7 Certified?Roger Sanders2985
07-29-11Is Corporate Tunnel Vision Blocking the Next Generation of RPG Programmers?Chris Smith3202
06-03-11New Digital Communications Etiquette Manual a Must-Read for the Upwardly MobileChris Smith2822
05-20-11COMMON Certification Program Builds MomentumChris Smith2138
08-16-10Seminars and Training Key to Embracing Change in ITChris Smith3190
05-21-10Can Corrective Thinking and Good Ideas Lead Us out of Recession?Chris Smith3100
03-19-10Don't Think About Whom You Have Been. Who Are You Now?Chris Smith3885
11-13-09What Is the Role of Open Source in a Down Economy?Chris Smith4077
08-21-09Employment (and Unemployment) Take Center Stage at OCEANChris Smith4479
05-10-09Leverage Your Staff's Skill SetsCJ Rhoads3925
12-15-08The Best of Times, The Worst of TimesMaria DeGiglio4652
10-13-08What Is Social Networking, and How Do You Use It to Achieve Business Objectives?Christopher Jones6992
10-13-08Build Real Teamwork in a Virtual TeamColleen Garton5114
08-01-08Does "Monitoring the System" Mean Checking Our Mental Health?Chris Smith4738
07-09-08AS/400/iSeries/System i/IBM Power System Skills: What Was Needed Then and What Is Needed NowMark Duignan5915
02-06-08Could Your Productivity Use a Boost?Susan Gantner4797
12-21-07Book Review: SOA for the Business DeveloperPhil Law3323
12-09-07MC Press Online Celebrates Launch of Redesigned, Feature-Rich Web SiteMC Press Contributing Author4827
11-28-07Education Is Your ResponsibilityBarry Kline3209
09-26-07Training the Cross-Platform TeamJoe Pluta3644
09-26-07Book Review: The Modern RPG IV Language, Fourth EditionJim Martin4331
08-08-07Rejuvenate Your IT CareerAlan Seiden4897
08-01-07Introducing the New RPG DeveloperJoe Pluta8637
07-23-07Filling the Skills Gap: It's AcademicJoel Klebanoff3775
06-25-07Knowledge Management and Collaboration: Listening to Your Users About Corporate Collaboration NeedsGuest.Visitor2880
05-23-07Instigating Change Within ITMike Faust2958
05-14-07Upgrading Business Management SystemsJim Scott3042
05-07-07The Keyboard Is Mightier Than You ThinkMaria DeGiglio2976
04-18-07Open New DoorsRobert Cozzi3181
01-24-07Collaboration: Working with Non-IT Personnel in Building Technical SolutionsChris Peters4357
12-06-06Managing Without WallsColleen Garton3422
11-06-06The System i Academic InitiativeGuest.Visitor2619
08-28-06Fall 2006 Job and Career Trends for IT ProfessionalsBob Langieri3472
07-21-06IBM System i Initiative for InnovationMC Press Contributing Author3189
05-15-06Women in IT Speak OutSandy Ordonez2638
09-26-05How to Lead, Manage, and Motivate Corporate ProgrammersGuest.Visitor4145
06-20-05Local User Groups: Out of Date or Coming of Age?Joe Pluta3094
04-18-05IT Hiring and Salary Trends for 2005Bob Langieri5932
04-11-05The Virtue of Virtual EmployeesJoel Klebanoff3178
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