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02-23-15Modernization on the IBM i: Getting StartedBrian May58
12-17-14In Praise of the ManyDavid Shirey1410
11-24-1410 Reasons IBM i Developers May Want to Take a Closer Look at Microsoft .NETLee Paul368
11-10-14Five Common Application Modernization Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them!)Alex Roytman1427
09-22-14The Top 10 Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them Martin Norman6039
09-15-14Technology Focus: Finding What Shouldn't Be Broken with Software Testing ToolsJohn Ghrist1080
07-16-14What Modernization Really, Truly Is (Or Should Be)David Shirey1555
06-18-14More Thoughts on Modernization David Shirey1687
05-21-14What Is Modernization?David Shirey2882
12-18-13What Everyone Should Know: Where to StartDavid Shirey2615
11-19-12Technology Focus: Can Your Software Apps Pass the Test?John Ghrist1535
11-02-12Modernization Webinar: Make Innovation a PriorityEden Watt1052
05-09-12Understanding and Exploiting Qshell on IBM iTed Holt2984
10-10-11The Future of Application ModernizationDavid Shirey2763
07-20-11Does Your Shop Participate in Code Reviews?Thomas Snyder3487
05-16-11Technology Focus: Tools for Building New IBM i AppsJohn Ghrist3449
05-02-11Power i Forecast: SOAChris Smith3500
01-24-11Agile Programming: Building Applications Your Users Are Sure to LikeMarty Acks5015
11-10-10Extending EGL to Integrate Other TechnologiesJoe Pluta3736
08-04-10A Fresh Approach to SCM Junlei Li5073
02-22-10Overcoming the Challenges of Mixed RPG and .NET DevelopmentDavid Brault4685
07-13-09Discover the Enormous Potential of Business MashupsDavid Brault3456
02-23-09Designing a Sound Application Architecture Built for the FutureDavid Brault5302
12-03-08The Unglamorous Science of Software MaintenanceGuest.Visitor5165
11-24-08Keep a Tight Hold on Project ScopeColleen Garton4729
08-11-08The System Integration Challenge: Eliminating Project BreakdownsMarty Acks12954
05-28-08SOA in 2008Joe Pluta5170
04-28-08SOA Governance: Better Now Than NeverAlex Nubla4288
12-12-07Performance Testing: Best PracticesSteven Haines6486
11-28-07Revisiting Algorithms and Data StructuresJoe Cropper3826
11-28-07Revisiting Algorithms and Data StructuresJoe Cropper6
08-27-07Build Upon the Strengths of Your Legacy SystemsDuncan Kenzie3558
08-15-07Play Time = Productive Time?Jon Paris9333
08-08-07Best Practices: Cross-Platform DocumentationJoe Pluta3916
07-25-07Legacy Maintenance: Evaluating and Documenting Business Rules in Legacy CodeJoe Pluta3801
06-27-07Package Solution Integration: Modifying Package Solutions for the System iJoe Pluta2177
05-23-07Using New Tools to Maintain Legacy AppsJoe Pluta3003
04-25-07Cross-Platform Development and Integration: Working with Microsoft Vista IdiosyncrasiesChris Peters2282
04-23-07Debunking ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)Alex Nubla8741
04-11-07Application ArchitecturesJoe Pluta2926
04-11-07Modernization Is Not Just for Applications AnymoreDavid Brault2668
04-09-07How to Get Out from Under an Obsolete Legacy TechnologyDuncan Kenzie3578
02-12-07ScrumMichael Floyd3234
12-20-06The System i Roadmap to SOAAlex Nubla3689
12-06-06Legacy Applications: Does SOA Mean "Save Our Assets?"Alex Nubla3113
11-22-06Ten Considerations for Application Design and DevelopmentChris Peters2848
11-20-06Source Code Management on iSeries: Surprisingly FluidRon Exler3761
11-08-06Choosing the Right Application Development ToolsJoe Pluta2564
11-01-06FAQ on SOAAlex Nubla2936
09-13-06Selecting a Programming Language for Your Next ApplicationJoe Cropper3679
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