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09-12-14RPG Academy: Parameters: What You Should Know, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2147
05-02-14RPG Academy: More on Procedures: The Dos and Don'ts and Other Interesting ThingsRafael Victoria-Pereira2283
04-04-14RPG Academy: How to Create and Use ProceduresRafael Victoria-Pereira3597
02-21-14TechTip: Getting Free-form RPG on your IBM i Joe Pluta2942
01-24-14TechTip: So Many Logical Files, So Little TimeCraig Rutledge2419
01-17-14RPG Academy, Part 1: From OPM to ILE, ASAPRafael Victoria-Pereira4946
01-10-14TechTip: Program Messages 101Joe Pluta2675
01-03-14TechTip: What's New in Free-Format RPG IV?Jim Martin4883
10-25-13TechTip: BLOBs Keep PDF, XLS, and Other Reports Safe in DB2, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2065
08-30-13TechTip: BLOBs Keep PDF, XLS, and Other Reports Safe in DB2, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira3526
08-09-13TechTip: Fixed-Format to Free-Format: Missing Op-CodesJim Martin3248
06-07-13TechTip: Compacting a Large Number into a Small SpaceMichael Sansoterra2823
02-22-13TechTip: Passing Parameters by Read-Only ReferenceJames Buck1764
02-01-13TechTip: Comments: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyJames Buck2380
01-04-13TechTip: More Fun with Dates and TimesJoe Pluta2896
12-12-12TechTip: The %DIFF BIFJoe Pluta7494
12-07-12TechTip: BLOBs: Don't Run! Embrace Them with RPG!Gene Cobb3958
04-20-12Cool Things: Read dBASE Files Easily!Mike Faust3053
07-11-11Partner TechTip: Secrets Behind Enhancing RPG ApplicationsSteve Kilner2063
07-01-11TechTip: XLATE and Character String ManipulationIssak Brender5162
06-17-11TechTip: New in 7.1: The %SCANRPL Built-in FunctionSteve Pitcher11626
05-13-11TechTip: Use Qualified Data Structures for Checking RecordsJoe Pluta7843
07-02-10TechTip: The i Side of Real-Time Integration Between Your PC Application and Your System iRafael Victoria-Pereira4218
03-19-10TechTip: From a PC Text File to a System i Physical File in One or Two Easy StepsRafael Victoria-Pereira10639
02-12-10TechTip: Automate Data Transfers Using FTPRafael Victoria-Pereira9959
10-09-09TechTip: Are You Timing Your Dates Correctly?Sam Lennon9493
06-19-09TechTip: Write Modular, Dynamic Code with Procedure PointersGuest.Visitor11803
02-06-09TechTip: Making Pies and Donuts with RPGJan Jorgensen7266
12-19-07TechTip: Move Your Compile-Time Arrays to the D-SpecsJoe Pluta14415
12-05-07TechTip: Create Hash Tables in RPG with the Dictionary ADTAdam Glauser6567
11-07-07Partner TechTip: Track Changes to Remote DataGuest.Visitor3629
11-07-07TechTip: RPG Talks to the DesktopAaron Bartell7377
09-05-07TechTip: Using Qshell from RPG to Compare Two FilesAaron Bartell11963
06-15-07TechTip: Eliminate Indicators in Display ProgramsJeff Olen9921
06-06-07Best of TechTips: Build Web Pages with RPG and CGIDEV2Gina Whitney5673
03-09-07TechTip: Activation Group Architecture for RPG ILEJoe Pluta7413
02-23-07TechTip: Bit-Handling in RPG IVJim Martin7388
09-29-06Tech Tip: Make Your RPG CGI Programs Perform BetterJan Jorgensen5838
09-08-06TechTip: Coding Free-Format RPG IV (and Overcoming Old Habits)Jim Martin7293
06-09-06TechTip: Meet a Powerhouse BIF: %replace!Jim Martin8858
05-12-06TechTip: Debugging CGI ProgramsJan Jorgensen7191
04-28-06TechTip: System CatalogsGuest.Visitor5948
04-21-06TechTip: Running RPG Programs in Multi-Threaded JobsGuest.Visitor6371
03-10-06TechTip: Constants Are Your FriendsJeff Olen3209
12-30-05TechTip: Overloading IndicatorsGuest.Visitor4021
12-02-05TechTip: Checking for User-Changed Screen DataGuest.Visitor5106
11-11-05TechTip: The DSPREL CommandPete Johnston4319
11-04-05TechTip: RPG IV Pointers--They're Easy!Jim Martin8220
09-30-05TechTip: Little-Known Source Debugging TricksJeff Olen5286
08-05-05TechTip: Using *PSSR: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyJeff Olen7388
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