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09-26-14TechTip: Lock and LockJunlei Li1183
09-05-14Tech Tip: Investigating CL Routing Entry CommandsDavid Shirey1144
02-15-13TechTip: Take Advantage of the SU CL CommandJunlei Li2637
07-09-10TechTip: Are You Using the QIBM_QDB_OPEN Exit Point Wisely? Steve Pitcher5317
01-30-09The CL Corner: Overriding Commands and Their Parameter ValuesBruce Vining6472
12-05-08The CL Corner: Use Your Own Names for Supplied CommandsBruce Vining7922
04-20-07TechTip: Addressing the IssueDavid Abramowitz5692
12-08-06TechTip: Five Simple Things to Know About CVTDATed Holt5575
02-24-06TechTip: What Are Model Files?Guest.Visitor7177
11-18-05TechTip: More Source Debugger FactsJeff Olen6323
05-04-05Tips and Techniques: Removing Unwanted Messages from the JoblogRobert Cozzi8032
03-11-05TechTip: Extracting Decimal Elements from Command Lists in V5R3MC Press Contributing Author4094
01-19-05Tips and Techniques: Subsetting WRKACTJOBRobert Cozzi4141
10-22-04TechTip: Read Printer Output with QshellMC Press Contributing Author6140
07-30-04TechTip: Create CL Commands from CL Program Source CodeMC Press Contributing Author8374
03-15-04TechTip: Parameter PassingGuest.Visitor11806
12-01-03TechTip: Programmatically Changing All the Files in a LibraryJoe Pluta3045
11-17-03TechTip: Add Column Headings to Your Export FilesMichael Sansoterra14939
10-20-03TechTip: Command Key IndicatorsJoe Pluta5182
04-07-03TechTip: RSTDSP(*YES/*NO)John Fox5860
03-10-03TechTip: DSPQRYREFMike Faust6118
02-17-03TechTip: Updated SAVLIBL and RSTLIBL UtilitiesJeff Brown3690
12-02-02TechTip: Delaying the PWRDWNSYS CommandSteve McKay4444
10-14-02TechTip: The CL DilemmaDavid Abramowitz3370
09-01-98TOP TIPS: CL September 1998MC Press Contributing Author2574
03-01-98TechTalk: Retrieve the OS Level in CLMC Press Contributing Author1845
06-01-96TechTalk: Avoid garbage data being passed between modules in ILE.Guest.Visitor1890
06-01-96TechTalk: Reuse an open query file in a CL program.MC Press Contributing Author2889
05-01-96TechTalk: Use an ampersand to extend prompted fields' lengths.MC Press Contributing Author1754
04-01-96TechTalk: If you need help writing a sockets program, turn to QUSRTOOL.Guest.Visitor2166
03-01-96TechTalk: Use the ADDRPYLE command to avoid answering the same question again and again.MC Press Contributing Author3741
03-01-96TechTalk: There's more than one way to find command names.Jim Walker1902
03-01-96TechTalk: Retrieving the S36 LDA from CL.MC Press Contributing Author3284
01-01-96TechTalk: Chaining in a CL program.Guest.Visitor3936
01-01-96TechTalk: Execute multiple commands from an SDA menu without writing a CL program.Ted Holt2655
12-01-95TechTalk: Passing Parameters to a Batch JobMC Press Contributing Author3070
12-01-95TechTalk: Placing Required Parms After OptionalMC Press Contributing Author1880
11-01-95TechTalk: Shortcut CommandsMC Press Contributing Author2135
11-01-95TechTalk: CL Source Comments Made EasyMC Press Contributing Author1985
11-01-95TechTalk: Abbreviated OS/400 CommandsTed Holt2018
10-01-95TechTalk: Send Message to GroupMC Press Contributing Author2577
08-01-95TechTalk: CL SubfilesMC Press Contributing Author4193
08-01-95TechTalk: Colorized CommandsMC Press Contributing Author2158
10-01-94TechTalk: Product Library cuts CodeGuest.Visitor1761
10-01-94TechTalk: Checking for Program ObservabilityMC Press Contributing Author2762
10-01-93HOT TIPS: S/36 Environment (5 Tips)MC Press Contributing Author3344
10-01-93HOT TIPS: Commands (1 Tip)MC Press Contributing Author1821
10-01-93HOT TIPS: CL (8 Tips)Bruce Vining1262
08-01-93TechTalk: Compare ObjectsMC Press Contributing Author2024
07-01-93TechTalk: QUSRTOOL's CVTTAPSAVD ProblemTimothy Phinney1861
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