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01-13-15IBM Announces Additional Power Systems FeaturesIBM Corporation254
11-25-14IBM Power Systems EnhancementsIBM Corporation270
11-25-14IBM System Storage SAN NewsIBM Corporation193
11-11-14System Storage DCS3860 High-Performance Controller Offers Enhanced Scalability and SimplicityIBM Corporation196
10-30-14New IBM FlashSystem V840 Features Deliver Expanded Connectivity OptionsIBM Corporation170
09-09-14IBM Storwize V3700 Delivers Innovative and Easy to Use Storage to Meet Needs of SMBsIBM Corporation218
08-26-14IBM ServeRAID M-Series Products Offer Enterprise-Class RAID SolutionsIBM Corporation254
07-10-14IBM Announces $3B Research Project to Tackle Chip Grand Challenges for Cloud and Big Data Systems IBM Corporation401
07-09-14IBM Storwize V5000 and Storwize V7000 Deliver New Drive Options for High-Performance EnvironmentsIBM Corporation274
05-30-14LaserVault Releases UBD SCSI Express: Virtual Tape Appliance Simplifies IBM AS/400 and iSeries BackElectronic Storage Corporation654
05-20-14IBM Storage Announcements for May 19, 2014IBM Corporation380
05-13-14IBM DS8870 Next-Generation Flash Systems Deliver High Availability and Better Performance IBM Corporation338
05-12-14New IBM Storwize V7000 Delivers Improved Performance, Scalability, and EfficiencyIBM Corporation309
04-29-14IBM System Storage Tape Drive AnnouncementsIBM Corporation370
01-20-14IBM ServeRAID F-Series Enhancements for AIXIBM Corporation404
01-14-14IBM Power Systems Feature New I/O EnhancementsIBM Corporation19
12-03-13IBM System Storage Enhances Features and Connectivity Options for b-type SAN Switches and DirectorsIBM Corporation305
11-19-13IBM System Storage DCS3860 AnnouncementIBM Corporation654
10-09-13IBM System Storage AnnouncementsIBM Corporation662
10-09-13IBM Storwize AnnouncementsIBM Corporation805
10-09-13IBM Flex System AnnouncementsIBM Corporation595
10-07-13IBM Power Systems Feature New Enterprise and HMC EnhancementsIBM Corporation274
08-14-13S3500 1.8" Enterprise SSDs, S3500 2.5" HS and SS Enterprise SSDs, and 3.5" MLC HS SSDs for System xIBM Corporation349
08-08-13IBM's 1.6 TB SAS 2.5" SSDs Offer a Solution for High-Capacity Applications IBM Corporation403
08-02-13IBM PowerLinux 7R4 Delivers Unprecedented Performance, Scalability, Reliability, and Manageability IBM Corporation772
08-02-13New 4 TB for IBM System Storage DS3500 Delivers T10 Protection Information Data IntegrityIBM Corporation429
07-10-13SSDs for IBM System x Offer High-Performance Solutions for High-Capacity ApplicationsIBM Corporation385
07-10-13IBM Storwize V7000 Unified File Modules Enable Easy Connections to Office EnvironmentsIBM Corporation320
06-10-13IBM Storwize Hardware and Software AnnouncementsIBM Corporation450
06-04-13IBM System Storage Hardware AnnouncementsIBM Corporation356
04-24-13IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance Firmware V2.5 AnnouncedIBM Corporation485
04-17-13New Hard Drive Refreshes for IBM DS3500, DS3950, DS5000, DS5020, DS5020, DCS3700 SystemsIBM Corporation429
03-13-13IBM 200 GB, 400 GB, and 800 GB 2.5-Inch Solid-State Drives IBM Corporation393
12-18-12IBM Half-High LTO Generation 6 SAS Tape Drive Offers Removable Media CartridgeIBM Corporation475
11-27-12New Advanced Functions and Features for the IBM System Storage DS3500IBM Corporation647
11-20-12IBM Power Systems I/O Improves Performance, Virtualization, and Physical Footprint EfficiencyIBM Corporation408
11-14-12New Storage and Management Features for IBM PureSystems Help Clients Reduce CostsIBM Corporation779
11-13-12System Storage N Series N3150 Models A15 and A25 Offer Enterprise-Class iSCSI and NAS StorageIBM Corporation1443
11-13-12IBM PureFlex System: New Features AvailableIBM Corporation482
11-06-12IBM Storwize V3700 Delivers Storage to Meet Needs of Small and Medium OrganizationsIBM Corporation772
11-06-12IBM System Storage TS3100 and TS3200 Tape Libraries Enhanced with LTO Ultrium 6 Drives IBM Corporation1204
10-07-12System Storage TS1060 Tape Drive Offers an Ultrium 6 Tape Drive for the TS3500 Tape LibraryIBM Corporation647
10-07-12System Storage DS8870 (Machine type 2423) Models 961 and 96E Offer Three-Year WarrantyIBM Corporation565
10-03-12IBM 100 GB 1.8-Inch and 2.5-Inch Solid-State Drives with 6 GBps SATA Interface and MLC NAND IBM Corporation382
06-21-12Tributary Systems Directly Connects HP StoreOnce and HP NonStop Tributary Systems, Inc.809
06-04-12Latest Crossroads SPHiNX Virtual Tape Appliance Provides Greater AutomationCrossroads Systems, Inc.652
03-06-12Nexsan Launches Solid-State Enhanced Unified Storage Featuring FASTierNexsan Technologies1133
02-28-12Crossroads Systems Forms Strategic Alliance with Fujitsu to Deliver StrongBox Data VaultsCrossroads Systems, Inc.668
02-28-12iSam Blue and Tributary Systems Bring Virtual Backup Storage to IBM i UsersiSam Blue, LLC903
02-15-12IBM Boosts XIV Storage System Gen3 Performance Three-fold with SSD CachingIBM Corporation1056
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