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02-27-15The CL Corner: A More Flexible Interface to the RUNSQL CL CommandBruce Vining47
02-23-15Modernization on the IBM i: Getting StartedBrian May61
02-18-15What Change Control IsDavid Shirey675
02-18-15The API Corner: Regaining Control in Your ProgramBruce Vining502
02-11-15Which Language Do All the Most Popular Websites Use? JavaScript! Find Out WhyRobert Swanson890
02-04-15Practical SQL: DB2 at Home, Part 2, First LookJoe Pluta994
02-04-15RPG Academy: BIF Up Your Code! Start Moving MOVE and MOVEL out of Your CodeRafael Victoria-Pereira2151
01-30-15The CL Corner: Enhancing WRKQRY Reports the Easy WayBruce Vining784
01-23-15What Happened to the "RPG Academy" Column?Victoria Mack936
01-21-15Debunking Those Change-Control MythsDavid Shirey1004
01-21-15The API Corner: More on Counting Active JobsBruce Vining390
01-07-15RPG Academy: BIF Up Your Code! Get Rid of Those File-Related IndicatorsRafael Victoria-Pereira2228
01-07-15Practical SQL: DB2 at Home, Part 1, the EnvironmentJoe Pluta1879
12-17-14In Praise of the ManyDavid Shirey1411
12-17-14The API Corner: Counting Active Jobs by Subsystem and/or UserBruce Vining746
12-15-14Product Review: Adding a Responsive Interface to Your RPG Programs with ASNA WingsRoger Pence370
12-10-14Modifying a Subfile: Change Is Good, Part 2Kevin Vandever1944
12-03-14Practical RPG: Data Structure I/O Is Finally Practical!Joe Pluta1915
12-03-14Case Study: Systems Implementation Looks to the Future with ASNA WingsRoger Pence293
12-03-14Book Review: Flexible Input, Dazzling Output with IBM iDavid Shirey2116
11-24-1410 Reasons IBM i Developers May Want to Take a Closer Look at Microsoft .NETLee Paul368
11-21-14Book Review: Subfiles in Free-Format RPG Mike Faust7710
11-19-14Why the Zend Conference Matters to IBM i FolksDavid Shirey788
11-19-14The API Corner: Saving Only Physical Files in a LibraryBruce Vining728
11-12-14Web Service Basics for IBM iKevin Schroeder1552
11-10-14Five Common Application Modernization Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them!)Alex Roytman1428
11-05-14Practical SQL: Listing Based on Group ConditionsJoe Pluta1605
11-05-14RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 3Rafael Victoria-Pereira1890
10-27-14The Frustrating Challenges of Application EnhancementDavid Shirey867
10-24-14RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira1705
10-15-14Zend Studio 11: A Pretty Big DealDavid Shirey905
10-15-14Book Review: Advanced Guide to PHP on IBM iAlan Seiden760
10-13-14Implement a Service-Oriented Architecture with REST APIsMichael Sansoterra1962
10-10-14Book Review: Java for RPG ProgrammersJoe Pluta12689
10-03-14RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira2257
10-01-14Programs Tell the Truth: Retrieve the System Pointer to the PCS Object Associated with an MI ProcessJunlei Li2197
09-22-14The Top 10 Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them Martin Norman6041
09-17-14Installing Zend Server on the i: How and WhyDavid Shirey2388
09-17-14The CL Corner: True and False ConditionsBruce Vining1003
09-15-14Technology Focus: Finding What Shouldn't Be Broken with Software Testing ToolsJohn Ghrist1080
09-08-14What's in Visual Studio 2013?Joydip Kanjilal693
09-03-14Practical RPG: Building Monitors with EOFDLYJoe Pluta1648
09-03-14The Transfer Ownership (XFRO) MI InstructionJunlei Li453
08-20-14Import CSV Files with File CorrectingRafael Victoria-Pereira2506
08-20-14The API Corner: Getting Directions Using Inquiry MessagesBruce Vining668
08-11-14Top 10 Reasons Why Rails on i Is So CoolDon Denoncourt1478
08-08-14RPG Academy: Parameters: What You Should Know, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira3180
08-06-14Practical RPG: Using Data Queues, Part TwoJoe Pluta1999
08-06-14The Atomic Add (ATMCADD) MI InstructionJunlei Li604
07-16-14What Modernization Really, Truly Is (Or Should Be)David Shirey1555
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