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January 16, 2008 | Vol 7 Issue 2


In This Issue:

>> Writing Stored Procedures in RPG
>>  The API Corner: System API Basics

Feature Article - Programming
Writing Stored Procedures in RPG

Stored procedures provide an easy way to reuse existing RPG logic or to make new RPG code available to other platforms or environments.

By Susan Gantner

Stored procedures are programs that are called from SQL. These programs can be written using the SQL procedure language, but they may also be written using RPG. Since stored procedures are  called from SQL, creating one is often a simple way to make application functions available from non-RPG application environments, such as a Java application or an application running on a different system platform.   


Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: System API Basics

Are you as knowledgeable about APIs as you should be?

By Bruce Vining

While it seems reasonable to assume that anyone reading RPG Developer is quite familiar with RPG, not every reader may be as familiar with the application program interfaces (APIs) available with i5/OS. In this ongoing column, "The API Corner," I will be discussing some of the wild and wonderful capabilities that are open to the RPG developer through system APIs. But the first few articles will be oriented toward the developer who, while knowledgeable about RPG, may not be that familiar with APIs.


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