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January 2, 2008 | Vol 7 Issue 1


In This Issue:

>> Putting Run SQL Scripts to Work for You
>> RPG IV Legacy Dates Cheat Sheet


Feature Article - Programming
Putting Run SQL Scripts to Work for You

Execute a script that contains a single SQL statement, multiple SQL statements, or even CL commands!

By Skip Marchesani

Several years ago, I began using what is now called the Run SQL Scripts function (also known as the SQL Script Center or Script Center in iSeries Navigator or System i Navigator, respectively) to demonstrate various SQL functions and to answer SQL syntax and function questions when I teach SQL-related topics. Now that the SQL Script Center is becoming more widely known and used, when I teach and use it for demonstrations, I am getting more and more questions about how it works.


Feature Article - Programming
RPG IV Legacy Dates Cheat Sheet

Still stuck with legacy date and time fields in your database and programs? Let RPG IV do the heavy lifting for you.

By Sam Lennon

In V5R3, date-handling is superb and calculations are straightforward. Fine, you say, but what about all those pesky character or numeric fields we still have to fight with from designs that originated before the date- and time-field data types were available? Those fields might have two- or four-digit years and might be in YMD order or MDY order or, outside the U.S. , even DMY order. What about them?


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