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January 25, 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 1


TOP STORY: Tune AIX for Optimal Performance
FEATURED ARTICLE: Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: New Overlay Utility from T.L. Ashford Now Produces Simple Forms
WHITE PAPER: Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments - An Executive Overview of EchoStream

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Feature Article - Operating Systems
Tune AIX for Optimal Performance

Lots of great tools are available to help you evaluate and manage performance.

david_tansleyWritten by David Tansley

This article looks at some of the popular tools available to gather information. Based on that information, you can then implement performance-related changes if required.


When looking at performance issues, I tend to group them into the following categories:

  • CPU bound
  • Memory bound
  • Disk access
  • Network
  • Process monitoring



Feature Article - System Administration
Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments

What alternatives are there to legacy backups, and are higher standards expected today for the recovery of lost data?

Written by Vision Solutions

Editor's Note: This article is an extract of the white paper Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments: An Executive Overview of EchoStream for AIX available for free download from the MC White Paper Center.


Planning for recovery is a requirement in businesses of all sizes. In implementing an operational plan that ensures that both data and applications can be recovered, IT personnel are generally confronted with several challenges:

  • How can I ensure my applications and data are recoverable without impacting business operations?
  • Do I have data protection approaches available to me that meet my recovery point and recovery time objectives?
  • Can I afford to implement a comprehensive plan that covers both my local and remote (disaster) recovery requirements?
  • Are there cost-effective alternatives that meet my requirements?


Feature Article - Career
Negotiating Time and Cost: How to Determine the Scope of a Development Project

Accurately estimating the scope, costs, and priorities of development projects requires a collaborative effort between IT and management.

colleen gartonWritten by Colleen Garton

You ask IT how long it will take to get a small project completed, and you are told that it will take about three weeks. After much frustration and numerous phone calls, your project is finally completed six months later! The IT department doesn’t seem overly concerned about late project delivery, and no one on the management team seems to know why every project takes approximately 10 times longer than promised.


Feature Article - System Administration
Effectively Manage and Monitor Your Business Applications

Automate complex monitoring activities to realize the full potential of your investment and remain competitive.

Written by Halcyon Software

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "How to Effectively Manage and Monitor Your Business Applications," available free from the MC White Paper Center.


Traditionally, businesses have targeted hardware, operating systems, and the user-base as the focus of their monitoring and management expenditure, but an increasing number of companies are now investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and High Availability (HA) applications to keep ahead of the competition. Organizations that follow this trend are making a large investment in their future, and complex implementations mean that you have to manage more, faster, and with less downtime so that ROI, and effectiveness in a highly competitive marketplace, is not compromised.


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2011/04/06 Advertorial - Manta
Manta's Blended Learning

A New Way to Learn with Manta

Manta Technologies Inc. has always been a leader in the use of new technologies to provide the best training experience for our customers. Today, the biggest trend in education is called blended learning. This is a structured combination of classroom and self-study instruction with a strong componant of social networking thrown in. Manta's first blended learning offerings are two instructor-led workshops:

Each workshop is an intense boot camp that covers a complete subject in detail. During each workshop, students will complete realistic exercises that use Manta's exclusive IBM i simulator. After the workshop, students can continue their training using other Manta courses and Manta's Online IBM i Reference. They can also interact with other students and the instructor using Manta's online IBM i Training Forum.

Web Development Boot Camp

Duration: 4 days
When: April 18-21, 2011
Where: Inverness Hotel and Conference Center,
Englewood, Colorado
Instructor: Dr. William A. Hansen

Moving to the web? This workshop covers everything you need to implement a web-based application using your existing IBM i system. The workshop first shows you how to create your own web documents using HTML, cascading style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. From there, you'll learn how to create server-based applications using CGI programs written in RPG and how to use Ajax techniques to enhance the user's web experience. You will also learn how to set up the IBM HTTP Server for i (powered by Apache) to run a typical web site.

Register Now

IBM i Operations Boot Camp

Duration: 4.5 days
When: May 16-20, 2011
Where: Inverness Hotel and Conference Center,
Englewood, Colorado
Instructor: Dr. William A. Hansen

This workshop teaches the basic skills needed to operate and mange an IBM i system. You will learn how to access a system using a traditional 5250 workstation, a terminal emulator, Navigator for i, and IBM Systems Director Navigator for i, also know as the web console. Connectivity products covered include Telnet, FTP, Access for Windows, Access for Web, and NetServer. Day 2 covers basic IBM i operations. You will see how to submit batch jobs, monitor and control their execution, and manage the printer output they create. The workshop also shows how to control interactive jobs, manage susbsystems, control tape devices, and determine the jobs waiting for operator intervention.

Days 3 and 4 cover system management tasks, including starting and stopping the system, managing devices and virtual media, taking backups, cleaning up system storage, applying PTFs, and reporting problems.

The workshop ends with an overview of PowerVM, IBM's umbrella term for the collection of virtualization technologies that are avilable with its Power Systems family.

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2011/01/17 Advertorial - Manta


Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system and its predecessors, i5/OS and OS/400. These operating systems run on POWER7, POWER6, System i, iSeries, and AS/400 hardware.

All courses run on any PC that supports Internet Explorer.


Why Manta?

Want to learn why we believe Manta supplies the best training available? Hear Manta co-founder, Dr. William Hansen, describe Manta's training philosophy, course architecture, and pricing policies in this one-hour, online seminar.


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