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January 5, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 1


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Analysis
Frank Soltis, Father of AS/400, Retires from IBM

Soltis' views on system architecture and his unique approach to protecting business software assets led to the most successful commercial computer platform in history.

chris_smith.jpgBy Chris Smith

The man known as the father of the System i and today's Power Systems retired from IBM last week after 40 years with the company. Creative, outspoken, and honest about the science he followed in researching ways to perfect the most successful commercial computer platform of all time, Frank Soltis leaves his post as chief scientist for what today is still known in the hallways of Rochester as the AS/400.


Feature Article - Analysis
The Top Ten Things to Watch Out for in Midrange Technologies in 2009

Can anyone really predict the future?

ron_exler.gifBy Ron Exler

This time of year brings holiday cheer--parties, days off, time with family, gift exchange. It also brings out the prognosticating pundits who want you to believe they know what will happen in 2009. News flash: they don't know. But in an age-old tradition, to meet the expectations of their audiences, they spout predictions anyhow. So go ahead, read them; we all do. Consider this though: when was the last time you saw an analysis of last year's predictions to see how these pundits fared? Answer: rarely if ever.


What we can do with some credibility, however, is point out some important issues to consider in 2009 for those in decision-making roles involving enterprise technologies. Not predictions per se, but current truths that will extend into 2009 and affect how enterprise technology gets done to effectively serve enterprise missions.


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