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July 26, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 14


TOP STORY: Should You Upgrade to V7?
FEATURED ARTICLE: Relieving Accounts Payable from Paper-Bound Processes
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM i High Availability Market Booming for Maxava
WHITE PAPER: Paperless Accounts Payable - Streamlining the Purchase-To-Pay Process
FORUM: Help! RDP's SQL Editor
MC VIDEO NEWS MAKERS: Advanced, Integrated RPG

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Feature Article - Operating Systems
Should You Upgrade to V7?

Let's review the advantages of getting current.

JonParis_SusanGantnerWritten by Jon Paris and Susan Gantner

We're not really "bleeding edge" people. Whenever a new version of one of our favorite tools comes along, we rarely update immediately. We let others suffer the "new release blues" for a month or three and then make the move once we are convinced that the release is stable and offers functionality that we want and need. Even then, Jon generally acts as the company's designated guinea pig, boldly going where Susan fears to tread. She takes the approach that when Jon has stopped swearing at something (yes, he does occasionally use words like "bother" as hard as that may be to believe) for three or four months, then it is probably safe for her to upgrade too.


Feature Article - Application Software
Relieving Accounts Payable from Paper-Bound Processes

The cost-savings that can be realized by going paperless in A/P make electronic solutions compelling to companies that want to trim the bottom line. 

michael.rooney 116Written by Mike Rooney 

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "Paperless Accounts Payable—Streamlining the Purchase-to-Pay Process," which is available for free download from the MC Press White Paper Center.


At the 30-thousand-foot level, Accounts Payable looks trivial: an invoice comes in and a check is sent out. However, the details are never that simple. As it happens with most processes, A/P is bound by paper, including invoices, receiving documents, purchase orders, the actual checks, and a myriad of other reports, statements, and more that permeate the company and eventually make their way to A/P's filing cabinet. A/P is often seen as a non-core function as it doesn't generate revenue (quite the contrary, it sends out cash); it doesn't make, market, or sell products, and it doesn't directly impact customer satisfaction.


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