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June 27, 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Power to the People!
FEATURED ARTICLE: Linux Foundation Focuses on Training in 2012
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Connectria Hosting Selects Top-Ranked CyrusOne for Data Center Expansion
WHITE PAPER: Lights Out IBM Automation 
EVENT: looksoftware: Learn how to leverage the power of mobile technology with the IBM i
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Feature Article - Operating Systems
Power to the People!

The open-source operating system gets a Powerful boost.

barry klineWritten by Barry L. Kline

In my last article, "Starting Your Sojourn into Virtualization on the Linux OS," I discussed the "no additional purchase necessary" virtualization that is embodied in the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine, referred to as KVM. For single-server use, such as I described with my co-located Web server, KVM is all that's required to take full advantage of the powerful commodity server hardware currently available. Larger shops, which need the bells and whistles of more sophisticated virtualization (physical machine pooling, guaranteed performance per server, etc.), generally move up to VMWare and its enterprise products, with their matching enterprise price tags.


Feature Article - Operating Systems
Linux Foundation Focuses on Training in 2012

As the demand for IT professionals with Linux experience soars, training programs are moving to front and center for the non-profit organization charged with promoting the open-source platform.

chris smithWritten by Chris Smith

The market for developers with Linux experience has been increasing during the past year, and, with the advent of cloud technology, there is also a growing need for Linux system architects.


The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit consortium founded in 2007, is charged with helping to promote and further the adoption of the Linux operating system. It provides a vendor-neutral forum for collaboration and education. It hosts Linux conferences, including LinuxCon (August 29–31, 2012, San Diego), and sponsors original research, messaging, and training to help advance a broader understanding of the Linux platform.


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