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June 4, 2014 | Volume 13 Issue 10


TOP STORY:  Practical ILE: Building Your Service Program Library, Part 3
FEATURED ARTICLE: How Do I Know if Two Space Pointers Do Not Address the Same SLS Segment in ILE HLL Programs?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT:  LaserVault Releases UBD SCSI Express: Virtual Tape Appliance Simplifies IBM AS/400 and iSeries Back
WEBCAST CENTER:  Create Amazing, Modern Apps With Profound UI
MC INDUSTRY BLOGS:  IBM i Automation Blog
MC VIDEO PORTAL: SkyView's Managed Security Services

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ASNA Wings® is the fastest, easiest way to provide a browser UI for your RPG applications. It lets you quickly give your users the user experience they desire, with no disruptive changes to your RPG programming logic. Wings also includes ASNA’s browser based emulator Browser Terminal (BTerm), to display those programs you don’t want (or can’t) modernize so you can integrate easily with legacy apps. Give your RPG applications the user interface they deserve with ASNA Wings.


Feature Article - Programming
Practical ILE: Building Your Service Program Library, Part 3

In our final step, we connect application programs to the new service programs via binding.

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

It's funny sometimes how the computer world goes in cycles. It seems ages ago that we wrote source code, compiled it into object code, and then linked the pieces together. We left that behind for all-in-one compilers, but in today's brave new world of interoperable ILE languages, we've revived the whole concept and now we have to once again think about linking. In current parlance, the concept is known as "binding," and this last article in our series will show you how to manage it.


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Give your users what they need to be successful in their work -- using RPG! Solutions such as Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF files, and email are requirements for today’s users, and today’s RPG is more than capable of fulfilling these needs. This book gives you the know-how to break through the obstacles and use common development tools to share information and provide more-compatible interfaces. Learn how to migrate your existing greenbar reports to Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, and discover how to automatically email reports using RPG and JavaMail with this hands-on guide! Buy your hard copy or e-book today!


Feature Article - Programming
How Do I Know if Two Space Pointers Do Not Address the Same SLS Segment in ILE HLL Programs?

Learn the PowerPC instruction on which this technique is based.

junlei liWritten by Junlei Li

In IBM i, a space pointer is used to address bytes within a space. The addressability contained in a space pointer is the Single-Level Store (SLS) virtual address or the process-local Teraspace address stored in the 8-byte address portion. The distinguishing SLS addressing mechanism used by IBM i and its ancestors (AS/400 and System/38) is no doubt one of the cornerstones of the system. From the point of view of storage management, SLS is also the base of the object-based architecture of the system.


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