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March 3, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 4


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Analysis
Vendors Adapt to a Changing IT Market

With companies getting cautious about their IT spending, vendors are launching new initiatives to keep the orders flowing.

By Lee Kroon

Over the last several weeks, most of the news items that have landed on my desk have been too small for a full-blown article but too interesting to ignore. So in the spirit of going with the news flow, here is a rapid-fire review of the best stuff from my story pile. As you will see from the stories, change is definitely afoot in the marketplace.


Feature Article - Analysis
System i and i5/OS Are Cornerstones in IBM's SMB Plans, Says Shearer

A guiding light in the evolution of the System i says i5/OS is the "secret sauce" in the simplicity formula to reach a larger share of the SMB market.

By Chris Smith

The System i operating system, i5/OS, is here to stay, and IBM is prepared to do whatever it takes to continue to make it an attractive, modern, and viable platform.


So says Mark Shearer, IBM vice president of Marketing and Offerings for the Business Systems Division, Systems and Technology Group, who will continue in his role this year developing unique marketing strategies for the System i as an avowed evangelist for the popular midrange platform.


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