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March 5, 2014 | Volume 13 Issue 4


TOP STORY: Practical RPG: Data in the Cloud, Part 2
FEATURED ARTICLE: Can an ILE CL Program Know the Number of Parameters Passed to It?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Vanguard Systems, Inc. Partners with UCG to Offer Backup as a Service (BAAS) to Clients
WHITE PAPER: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Laser Check Printing On Your IBM i
MC BLOG: IBM i Automation Blog
EVENT: How Prototypes Help Web Development Projects Succeed 

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Feature Article - Programming
Practical RPG: Data in the Cloud, Part 2

The cloud has successfully provided file storage since long before it was called the cloud, but does that success translate to databases?

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

In my previous article, I introduced you to the concept of files in the cloud, whether it's a file-sharing service such as Dropbox or a whole-enterprise backup system using something like Carbonite or CrashPlan. But in this article, I want to focus on a relative newcomer to the playing field, databases in the cloud. These are true relational databases (RDBMSs)—or in the case of NoSQL, anti-RDBMSs in the sky. This article explains the difference between the two and introduces you to some of the players in today's market.


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Give your users what they need to be successful in their work -- using RPG! Solutions such as Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF files, and email are requirements for today’s users, and today’s RPG is more than capable of fulfilling these needs. This book gives you the know-how to break through the obstacles and use common development tools to share information and provide more-compatible interfaces. Learn how to migrate your existing greenbar reports to Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, and discover how to automatically email reports using RPG and JavaMail with this hands-on guide! Buy your hard copy or e-book today!


Feature Article - Programming
Can an ILE CL Program Know the Number of Parameters Passed to It?

Investigate the ILE CL compiler's mechanism for receiving program parameters.

junlei liWritten by Junlei Li


There's no doubt that the program-call mechanism in IBM i is fully dynamic. The called program can be determined at run time instead of at compile time. The parameter list passed to the called program can be composed at run time by the calling program. Also, the length of the parameter list for a called program can be changed dynamically. As you might know, an ILE RPG program can retrieve of the length of the parameter list via the RPG %PARMS built-in function (BIF). An ILE C program can also achieve this goal via the first argument of its main function, int argc. So is it possible for an ILE CL program to know the number of parameters passed to it? This article will lead you to answer, all the way down to the RISC instruction level.


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Functions getting you down? RPG expert Jim Martin will rescue you with his helpful guide! Functions in Free-Format RPG IV will build upon your free-format education and teach you how to generate RPG IV programs with functions in the free-format style. This book has everything you need to know about subprocedures, ILE concepts, C functions, and IBM APIs to produce highly modularized programs. You’ll even learn how to write your own custom BIFs. Get your copy today!


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