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May 6, 2013 | Volume 8 Issue 8


TOP STORY: In the Wheelhouse: V5R4 Goes on Life Support, and IBM Markets IBM i Social-Style
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: The Evolution of the Operator Checklist
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Industry Veteran Richard Dolewski Joins Maxava
EVENT: Free Mobile Computing for IBM i workshops

Feature Article - Analysis
In the Wheelhouse: V5R4 Goes on Life Support, and IBM Markets IBM i Social-Style

This week, we'll cover V5R4 receiving a service extension, the 8th annual Top Concerns survey from COMMON Europe, IBM marketing the heck out of IBM i, and the IBM i Professionals group on LinkedIn.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

You probably knew that this was going to happen once the formal end of support for i5/OS V5R4 was announced for September 2013. IBM makes it official with announcement letter 613-004 stating that, because of significant demand, customers can continue to receive software support and maintenance for the next three years.


Advertorial - CCSS
Partner TechTip: The Evolution of the Operator Checklist

An automated checklist fits in seamlessly with a proactive approach to systems management.

kurt thomas.Written by Kurt Thomas

Checklists are an indispensable aid to professionals as varied as airline pilots and surgeons through to IT administrators. (Even with all that festive magic at his disposal, Santa Claus himself couldn't do his job without one!) What is it that makes checklists so special, and how has such a simple concept retained its significance and value in a world that functions and depends increasingly on sophisticated systems, procedures, and technology? The answer lies in the checklist's ability to bring order to the chaos of this sophistication. In the case of an airline pilot's pre-flight routine, her checklist not only acts as an aid to memory, but also imposes a system of sequential procedures that collectively dictate what amounts to "best practice" in the cockpit (giving due consideration to factors including safety, performance, passenger comfort, service, resources, and industry regulations to name but a few).


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