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A Report Card for Oracle: How Is It Managing MySQL? PDF Print E-mail
Database - MySQL
Written by Thomas Stockwell   
Monday, 22 July 2013 00:00

What does it mean for IBM i?

tom stockwellWritten by Thomas M. Stockwell

When Oracle bought Sun Microsystems in 2010, one of the questions on everyone's mind was what Oracle would do with the multitudinous software properties that Oracle absorbed. Not the least of these was the incredibly popular open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) called MySQL.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 08:30
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DB-Gate Simplifies Access to Remote Databases from IBM i PDF Print E-mail
Database - MySQL
Written by Chris Smith   
Friday, 13 April 2012 00:00

Raz-Lee Security appears to have broken the code on remote data access, making it simple enough for any user to seamlessly access data on any remote data store.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

Raz-Lee Security is now offering, for a limited time, a free trial of its remote database access product DB-Gate. The new product, announced two weeks ago, appears to solve one of the longstanding impediments to companies keeping the IBM i at the center of their computing universe—access to non-DB2 databases.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2012 13:26
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With the DB2 Storage Engine for MySQL, It's YourSQL PDF Print E-mail
Database - MySQL
Written by Erwin Earley   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 00:00

Deploy open-source applications on IBM i without having to change the source code.

erwin_earleyWritten by Erwin Earley

Those readers who have dabbled in open-source technologies may already be aware of the availability of the MySQL open-source database server on IBM i. In this article, I'll explore why MySQL is available on i, how you can take advantage of it, and how you can use MySQL's abstraction technology to store your open-source application data in DB2 tables.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 09:18
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Oracle Drops the Ball with MySQL on the i. Will IBM or Zend Pick It Up and Run With It? PDF Print E-mail
Database - MySQL
Written by Thomas Snyder   
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 00:00

With Oracle announcing end of life for IBM i distributions of MySQL, I'll discuss the potential for alternatives of MySQL on the i.

tom_snyderWritten by Tom Snyder

Oracle has decided to no longer support MySQL on the IBM i, and I for one am very disappointed in this recent announcement. When I first heard that you could run MySQL on the IBM i, I initially thought to myself, "Why would I want to use the MySQL database when I have DB2?" In this article, I intend to tell you why you would want to and why it's such a loss that Oracle will no longer be providing IBM i binaries. I'll also explain some of the options that we have without it.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 00:00
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