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November 10, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 20


In This Issue:

Feature Article - System Administration
Best Practices for System i Optimization

Data volumes grow constantly, even when business is slow. Keeping storage and processing optimized today can save your skin when business booms.

chris_thomas.jpgBy Chris Thomas

Editor's note: This article provides a summary insight into the 12-page, 5000-word whitepaper System i Optimization Best Practices. The full white paper can be accessed for free by clicking here.


One of the most frustrating aspects of managing systems is the natural yet unfair lack of connection between business volumes and your workload. When economies drag and sales sag, businesses universally look for places to clip budgets.


Feature Article - Analysis
IT Spending in an Uncertain Economy

Do you think it's time to cut back? Maybe a different approach makes better sense.

cj_rhoads.jpgBy CJ Rhoads

MC Press Online Editor's Note: The following article was previously published by Klee Associates, Inc., publisher of JDEtips Journal and SAPtips Journal. A sample issue of either journal may be requested by clicking the respective links. 


Klee Associates Publisher's Note, October 2008: As a result of the economic downturn occurring in September 2008, companies worldwide tightened their belts and started cutting budgets for everything that didn't appear to drive sales and profitability, including IT budgets. But is that the best strategy? In March 2008, we published an article by Dr. CJ Rhoads in which she anticipated the current events and advised companies to remain level-headed and even take advantage of the coming slowdown. That advice was true in March, and even more so today.


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