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November 24, 2014 | Volume 9 Issue 21


TOP STORY: 10 Reasons IBM i Developers May Want to Take a Closer Look at Microsoft .NET
FEATURED ARTICLE: Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: New JumpStart Modernization Tool Generates Excitement with IBM i Developers
WHITE PAPER: Top Security Issues for the Integrated File System (IFS)
EVENT: SkyView Deep Dive Security Training for IBM i
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Top 10 Security and Compliance Considerations for Cloud Computing

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Barcode400 Labeling Software makes it easy for IBM i users to design and print labels in minutes.

T.L. Ashford has over 30 years of experience in software development and backs that commitment with a highly qualified technical support team.

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Feature Article - Programming
10 Reasons IBM i Developers May Want to Take a Closer Look at Microsoft .NET

What language will you choose when you're ready to go to the next level?

Written by Lee Paul

Development languages. There are many of them! If you're curious, the Tiobe Index ranks them for you based on popularity calculated from various search engines. For November, C is #1 again, Java is at #2, PHP is at #6, and C# is at #5. COBOL has fallen a spot to #28, CL gets in at #65, and RPG ekes out a spot in the top 100 at #93. Check out the new Google Trends tool for another comparison. For the most part, RPG and COBOL hold our legacy on the IBM i, while Java and PHP are the platform favorites and are heavily positioned by IBM for the future.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

PHP…Just for IBM i. This is the first book to comprehensively address PHP and how it can—and should—be deployed on the IBM i. Learn how to transfer skills from a green screen environment to the Web, become intimately familiar
with PHP’s commonly used features, and help start down the road of highly interactive Web-based application development. Click now to receive a FREE chapter of this best-selling resource! >>


Feature Article - System Administration
Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance

Find out why network monitoring is so important for IBM i managers.

Written by CCSS

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


A professional athlete must consider several factors in order to deliver his best performance. The food he eats, the way he physically trains and mentally prepares, as well as his strategy and technique all play a part in deriving the best result. Imagine that athlete was completely prepared when he started the race of his life, having attended to all these things, only to have his performance ruined when he was struck by lightning. Unfortunate, some would say, but that's life.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

System i Disaster Recovery Planning addresses the special disaster recovery planning issues of IBM i. It is your step-by-step guide to developing an effective, workable plan to protect your company's assets should the unthinkable happen. This title is now available in eBook format.

Click for a FREE chapter! >>


MC White Paper Center

Don't miss these great Featured White Papers:


Checklists for Checklists on Checklists … Why Not Automate?

This White Paper discusses the advantages of automating traditional manual, hands-on management tasks for the operation and maintenance of IT platforms, systems, applications, networks and architectures.

For many of these tasks, missing a step or running steps out of sequence can be disastrous to IT services and the business.

Discover the five benefits of automation and how to cement in place a high quality set of actions, according to a proven plan.

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Transform Your Data into Insight

With business users asking for easy-to-access dashboards and reports to gain insight more easily, it might be time to consider if it's time to upgrade from Query/400.

Download this exclusive IBM i white paper to see:

  • The history of Query/400
  • How organizations currently use Query
  • The benefits of investing in a new data access tool
  • And more

Don't waste any more time struggling with antiquated data access.

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Automate IBM i Operations using Wireless Devices

This whitepaper provides an in-depth review of the native IBM i technology and ACO MONITOR's advanced two-way messaging features to remotely manage your IBM i while in or away from the office. Notify on-duty personnel of system events and remotely respond to complex problems (via your Smartphone) before they become critical-24/7. Problem solved!

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Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance

While no one can be aware of every potential problem that may affect the system, you can reduce the impact of issues by proactively monitoring the areas where IBM i and the network overlap.
Download this white paper and learn how to:

  • Calculate the cost of problem resolution
  • Anticipate communication issues
  • Expose network bottlenecks
  • Evaluate your need for proactive network monitoring

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Getting Maximum Value from your Software Maintenance Agreement

Most IT Managers must question at one time or another what exactly they are getting for their money from a software maintenance agreement? Beyond ‘corrective maintenance’ what should you expect from a software vendor in today’s world to ensure the software is constantly moving in a direction which benefits your business? Discover how to benchmark current and future software vendors to make sure your organization is getting the maximum value from your software maintenance agreement.

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10 Top Job Scheduling Challenges for your IBM i and How to Solve Them
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5 Shortcuts to Sensible Operational Security
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A FREE HA/DR Jargon Buster
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Automate IBM i Operations using Wireless Devices
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Beyond FTP: Securing and Managing File Transfers
Building a Sound Investment Strategy Through Technology
Business Intelligence for the IBM i Customer
Checklists for checklists on checklists … why not automate?
Cloud Computing
Compliance without the Complexities
Critical Elements for Business Continuity
Data Access in a Big Data World
Defending Against Data Breach: Developing the Right Strategy for Data Encryption
DMZ Gateways: Secret Weapons for Data Security
DR Strategy Guide from Maxava
Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance
Getting Maximum Value from your Software Maintenance Agreement
Getting the Most out of Your Audit Journal - Handouts
How to Build a Requirements Roadmap for Proactive IBM i System Monitoring
How to effectively Manage and Monitor your Business Applications
IBM i Scheduling Survival Guide
IBM i Security Administrators’ Guide
Laws and Regulations and Standards… Oh my!
Managing Data and Healthcare Regulations Efficiently
Managing Privileged Users on IBM i
Modern Monitoring Methods for Power Systems
Oh no! Another Audit!
PCI and What it means to IBM i
PCI Compliance for Power Systems Running IBM i
PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer
Protecting your Data – How Much Security is Enough?
Secure Inside and Out: Maximizing Intrusion Detection on IBM i
Security Considerations for the Cloud
Single Pane of Glass Management – is it a Myth?
Solving the Little Things with Automation for IBM Power Systems
Storing Metadata the Profound UI Way
The Hidden Cost of Compliance
Top Security Issues for the Integrated File System (IFS)
Transform Your Data into Insight
Using Software for Compliance…
Virus Got You Down?
Ways to Use IBM i Audit Journal
What Authorities Do Programmers Really Need?
Why Companies Fail PCI Audits - Handouts
You Don’t Trust Me Anymore!


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