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November 26, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 21


In This Issue:
Laws and Regulations Affecting Data Privacy

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>> System Protection: The Key to Virtualization

Feature Article - Security
Laws and Regulations Affecting Data Privacy

With frequent reports of lost backup tapes, stolen laptops, and database breaches, it's time to look at the new laws and regulations that protect the privacy of data.

The reason we're hearing about all of the breaches and loss of data is because of a law first passed in California and then enacted by most other states that requires organizations to notify individuals when their private data (e.g., social security number, bank account number, credit card number, or driver's license number) has been lost, breached, or thought to have been breached. As of this writing, 38 states have passed some version of a breach notification law. Most states provide some form of exemption from notification if the lost or stolen data was encrypted. This has driven many organizations to consider encrypting their backup media.


Feature Article - Programming
System Protection: The Key to Virtualization

Certainly, you've thought about going from physical to virtual. But have you thought about going from virtual to physical?

Virtualization is here to stay, and for good reason. Today's IT organizations face a multitude of challenges that virtualization addresses. From controlling server sprawl to incr easing operational efficiency and easing disaster recovery, virtualization clearly delivers bottom-line results.

What is not so clear is how to get there. Making the transition from physical to virtual (P2V) is just the beginning. Many organizations must also move from a virtual environment back to a physical one. While virtualization vendors often provide tools to help their customers do P2V conversion, virtual to physical (V2P) conversion can be difficult.


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