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November 6, 2013 | Volume 12 Issue 21


TOP STORY: Practical RPG: Technology Refresh 7 First Look
FEATURED ARTICLE: Manage Automatic Storage Dynamically via Modify Automatic Storage Allocation (MODASA)
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Profound UI 4.7 Release Offers New Multi-language Capabilities
FORUM: Storing Data in English and Printing in Another Language?
MC STORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles
EVENT: See How New Presto 5 Gives Your IBM i Green Screens an Even More Modern Web GUI

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Feature Article - Programming
Practical RPG: Technology Refresh 7 First Look

Technology Refresh 7 (TR7) provides quite a few new features, and this is the first article devoted to some of those changes.

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

TR7 has a wealth of additional features and functionality for various parts of the IBM i operating system, and in coming articles I plan to cover as many of them as possible. But since the focus of today's article is RPG, it makes sense to stick with the enhancements in RPG-related compilers. So let's take a look at what has happened.


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Free-Format RPG IV, Second Edition is a concise yet thorough reference guide that tells you all you need to know to master this powerful way of coding RPG IV. This follow-up to Jim Martin’s best-selling book on free-format programming in RPG IV shows you new ways to code embedded SQL in free format, and explains new techniques available for source program entry (LPEX editor in IBM RDp). Get your copy today to learn best practices, master critical style issues and modernize your programming.


Feature Article - Programming
Manage Automatic Storage Dynamically via Modify Automatic Storage Allocation (MODASA)

Learn the fantastic automatic storage frame (ASF)-operating MI instruction and the implementation details behind it.

junlei liWritten by Junlei Li

From the point of view of a programmer, the ability to change the automatic storage allocation at run time would be fabulous. Automatic storage is thread-private storage; therefore, in a multi-threaded environment you don't need to worry about thread synchronization when you store your program variables in automatic storage. Automatic storage is managed by the system for each individual invocation stack (call stack) entry, so you can simply forget the automatic storage that you have allocated after the end of the invocation. No free operation of the allocated automatic storage is needed.


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Functions getting you down? RPG expert Jim Martin will rescue you with his helpful guide! Functions in Free-Format RPG IV will build upon your free-format education and teach you how to generate RPG IV programs with functions in the free-format style. This book has everything you need to know about subprocedures, ILE concepts, C functions, and IBM APIs to produce highly modularized programs. You’ll even learn how to write your own custom BIFs. Get your copy today!


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