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October 11, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 19


TOP STORY: Is It Time to Replace Windows with Linux?
FEATURED ARTICLE: Getting a Jump Start on Your Impending Audit!
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: ASNA Introduces New Wings Modernization Tool
WHITE PAPER: Oh no! Another Audit!
FORUM: Using a Mailtag in a STRPAGGRP to an IFS Folder
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Feature Article - Operating Systems
Is It Time to Replace Windows with Linux?

It might be time to give this idea some serious consideration.

barry_klineWritten by Barry L. Kline

MSDOS begat Windows 1.0, which begat Windows 2.0, which begat Windows 3.0, which begat Windows 3.1, which begat Windows 95, which begat Windows 98, which begat Windows ME, which begat Windows NT, which begat Windows 2000, which begat Windows XP, which begat Windows Vista, and the list goes on.


Feature Article - Security
Getting a Jump Start on Your Impending Audit!

Even if your auditors don't have actual knowledge of i5/OS security themselves, they typically have a "playbook" of audit points to look for in your i5/OS security configuration. 

carol_woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "Oh No! Another Audit!" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


Some industries, such as finance, seem to have audits every other month and others only once a year. Regardless of the frequency of your audits, they take up your time and energy. SkyView Partners products and services were developed to reduce the cost and drive out the complexity of compliance requirements stemming from audits and various laws and regulations. This paper is devoted to the discussion of the typical audit requirements that I see our customers experiencing and how SkyView products and services address those audit points.


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