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October 16, 2013 | Volume 12 Issue 20


TOP STORY: PHP: Variables, Arrays, and Functions, Part 3
FEATURED ARTICLE: The API Corner: Verifying That Nothing Has Changed
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Arpeggio Software Releases ARP-DROP for the IBM i
FORUM: Calling RNM to Rename an IFS Object
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Take IBM i Everywhere with Mobile Apps – Watch the Webinar!
EVENT: ASNA Mobile RPG Webcast

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Feature Article - Programming
PHP: Variables, Arrays, and Functions, Part 3

Use the foreach PHP command to get data out of a mult-dimensional array.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

We're going to do one last piece related to arrays in PHP. Why? Because when you're using PHP to put data out onto a page or read data in from a page, you'll use arrays as the intermediary between your file and your page. Consequently, knowing how to deal with them is very important.


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The Long Awaited Update to a Classic! Learning to master subfiles can define a programmer’s career. Over a decade in the making, author Kevin Vandever has completely reworked and updated his best-selling subfiles classic to make use of the latest free-format programming style. It is the ultimate guide to subfiles and one that every programmer working with IBM Power Systems will find indispensible. Now available in eBook format! >>


Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: Verifying That Nothing Has Changed

Learn what the Calculate Hash API can do for you.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

In the past month, I've been asked two related questions. The first was "Can my AS/400 [sic] work with hashes?" and the second, a bit more specific, "Can the i generate a SHA-256 hash to work with a Linux system?" The answer to both questions, as you might expect, is yes, there's an API for that (as long as the system is at V5R3 or higher that is, in the case of the AS/400 question).


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Give your users what they need to be successful in their work -- using RPG! Solutions such as Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF files, and email are requirements for today’s users, and today’s RPG is more than capable of fulfilling these needs. This book gives you the know-how to break through the obstacles and use common development tools to share information and provide more-compatible interfaces. Learn how to migrate your existing greenbar reports to Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, and discover how to automatically email reports using RPG and JavaMail with this hands-on guide! Buy your hard copy or e-book today!


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