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October 17, 2007  |  Volume 6, Issue 19


In This Issue:
Writing the Binder Language
>> WDSC Basics, Volume 1, Number 5: Compiling a Program and Reviewing the Results

Feature Article - Programming
Writing the Binder Language

If you decide to use binder language to manage signature values, here are some tips to help.

In the last issue, I talked about service program signatures and options for managing them. I covered a few options that did not require using binder language and also talked about some scenarios where binder language could be used to help. This article will cover details of writing the binder language to cover the scenarios discussed in the earlier article.


Feature Article - Programming
WDSC Basics, Volume 1, Number 5: Compiling a Program and Reviewing the Results

Now that you have a working environment, it’s time to do some work! You’ll see how to compile in this tutorial.

Welcome to the fifth tutorial in the WDSC Basics introductory series.

Up until this point, you've configured your workbench, connected to the host, opened source, and set up your environment. Now, we're getting near the end of the basics, and it's time to actually start doing the things that we do as programmers. In this fifth installment, you'll learn how to compile a program and how to check for errors. You'll see how the compile process affects your environment and how you can check your results.




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