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October 19, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 18


In This Issue:  

Feature Article - System Administration
Dr. Frank Soltis Addresses IBM i Performance Issues

Nearly 1,500 register to hear Soltis webcast where Vision Solutions introduces upgraded Vision Director.

Written by Chris Smith

chris_smithYour system is running slower than it should and you're using up DASD faster than you can afford. What to do about it? a) Throw yourself on your spear and spend hours every week cleaning and optimizing your computer; b) Hire a consultant to come in and do it for you at company expense, or c) Find a reliable tool that will run constantly in the background and automatically optimize your system for you. Let's see—that's a tough choice! 

The problem of maintaining an optimized System i or Power System was addressed last Thursday by Vision Solutions and guest speaker Dr. Frank Soltis, considered the father of the AS/400, and a member of the Vision Advisory Board. The webcast, titled "Critical Tips to Get the Most from Your System i," was held to increase awareness of the need for system optimization in advance of the company's release next month of V8 of Vision Director, a system monitoring and optimization tool that has been significantly upgraded in the forthcoming release. Nearly 1,500 viewers registered for the webcast, which is available online for replay.


Feature Article - Application Software
Technology Focus: CRM Is Putting the "Custom" Back in Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications bring multiple aspects of the buyer and seller exchange together.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

A survey of top business executives conducted in 2008 jointly by Gartner and Forbes Insights identified "high-quality customer care" as the leading corporate attribute "most key to sustaining long-term growth in a recession." Ranking not too far behind that attribute in the same survey was having good "customer or market intelligence."


Assuming these findings are still true in 2009, it follows that software applications designed to help meet those needs have high importance. This creates a new emphasis on a need for CRM applications.


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